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Becksie’s lovely and much missed Nana once said that housework was a never ending cycle! She wasn’t wrong! She also said ‘we can always make time for tea’! sun tea 3She wasn’t wrong! So…… quite often when nap time is upon us Becksie does the housework and then has a cup of tea in remembrance of Nana! Becksie really misses her Nana and finds its so sad that she will never see her again.

lp 6However……… there is one thing that is simply delightful Lizzie very very often looks just like her great Nana! It is quite incredible how this is so and a really lovely reminder of Nana. Becksie likes to think that Nana is watching down on us and is pleased that Lizzie has got her very sparkly eyes and cheeky look.

This picture could be Ian as a wee person

This picture could be Ian as a wee person

Lizzie also manages to look a lot like Becksie’s cousins Robert and Josh whilst skillfully looking a lot like her daddy, a lot like her Aunty Leah (when she is asleep), a bit like her mummy (when she’s cross and upset) and….. 100% like herself! Amazing!


Aunty Leah alike

Aunty Leah alike

Can anyone guess who this is......?

Can anyone guess who this is……?

We guess this post has no point other than to marvel at genetics, the human body and families but…….who cares those things need marveling at because…… they are truly marvelous. These are just a few of the things that make us happy and very grateful to be who we are. Our year without supermarkets really has got us thinking on a much deeper level and today we marvel at the wonder of being human!

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5 thoughts on “Looks like……..

  1. As you say genetics will out in how your family looks, my son is so like me I’ve been taken aback when he’s arrived,as though I’ve just walked in, when I know I’m already here! And his little daughter is also a spitting image of him and I am of my mum! And my daughter even talks like me as well. Its quite spooky! But then my grandson is growing up to look and have the temperament of my Dad, which for me is great, cos like Becksie misses her Nana I miss my Dad. Long live families!

  2. There is something comforting about the “cycle of life” knowing that a little bit of us lives on through the generations, I think of my nan everyday and she is “there” in so many of the things I do that she taught me to do, or via my mum who in turn taught my daughter to knit…all things to cherish I think. Gorgeous piccies of Lizzie…and her Mummy!

  3. Love this post.
    Many years ago I saw a lovely black and white photo of what I thought was me as a toddler with their head on a pillow looking at the camera – then I found out if was actually my Dad :o). We lost my Dad 10 years ago, and goodness knows what my Stepmonster has done with the photo (Im hoping it will still turn up one day). I think Im more like my Mum, but theres noone here who knew her and my meomories are a bit hazy of her (she dies when I was 14), so I just have to trust that they both live on in me.

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