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The top section of the cooker hood was missing for 15 months - it took 20 minutes to cut and fit.

The top section of the cooker hood was missing for 15 months – it took 20 minutes to cut and fit.

Team Pugh are uber proactive when they set their minds to it and once they have an idea in their heads and a bit between their teeth there can be no stopping them. But sometimes there are things that we just never quite get round to doing. We would love to say that we are too busy, that there are more important things to do but the truth is often we just don’t quite get round to doing these things because we really can’t be bothered. It is not even that we have a reason we do not want to do them, they just sit there waiting to be done.

A lot of these things around the house are left over from the renovations, usually when Ian decided to move on to something more important and more exciting, such as leaving (non-live) wires hanging from the ceiling instead of just wiring them into a switch or not boxing pipes in because the woodwork was a bit complex, or not quite getting round to scraping paint from windows to finish them off. All little jobs that don’t take long at all but for which there are a catalogue of reasons (excuses) not to do them. Becksie’s equivalents are tidying cupboards and finishing sewing and other projects. Little jobs that you look at every time you go in the room and think “grr I really need to do this” and that you waste so much energy thinking about. In fact we have been planning to write this post for some time but haven’t until now quite got round to it….

Putting it off 2

The big revelation for Team Pugh occurred a few weeks ago when we set about tarting up the garden and back of the house. We have some plastic cladding on the back of the house that has in places been a nice shade of weathered green for the entire time we have lived there. Why? Because we have not quite got round to cleaning it, despite constantly looking at it and thinking how much it needed doing. So, ladder, bucket and cloth in hand Ian made a start on the daunting task that took all of…..20 minutes, which included a change of water and another wipe over with a clean cloth. Why on earth have we not done it before? We are busy people, but we have lots of 20, 30 or 40 minute slots where we can do little jobs, and it is so much more satisfying just to get them done!

putting it off

So…..in the last few weeks Becksie has said she would like a proper washing line (as opposed to our whirlygigthingymajig that took over part of the garden), within minutes some spare line was found from the shed (everything always comes in handy in the end!), tied up and fully functioning! Some lose screws in a door have been promptly tightened and a blown kitchen lightbulb replaced on discovery (we have 8 bulbs in our kitchen and the bulbs live in the shed so we tend to just wait until we have lost so many bulbs we are struggling to see before replacing them). Becksie has been out pulling the weeds up as she has seen them appear, been watering every day, has refilled a hanging basket that has been a mess since we moved in and has been out painting a section of our fence every evening to get it done. Now the acid test for all this proactivity, our table and chairs, hmmm, well let’s get the fence done first then perhaps we will try to get them done……….


6 thoughts on “Putting It Off

  1. We have lots of those ‘ not got round to them jobs’ in our house as well. Strange thing is tho, when you finally get them done you get such satisfaction you wonder why on earth you didnt do the job before! Good luck working through your list. ;o)

  2. well my husbands moto has always been never do today what you can put off till tomorrow so as you can imagine I have a house full of loose ends one day it will all come together after 35 years I hardly notice now x

  3. I could have written this! I’m currently in Getting-It-Done mode, starting with replacing a half carpet in the spare room (we had a radiator leak…….) , well, we may as well paint the room before the fitter gets here, do we really want everything that normally is stuffed into the wardrobe…log onto Freecycle….just tidy and sweep the patio while the carpet fitter’s here, take down the plastic greenhouse, clean out the cupboard under the sink (gross!). That was yesterday. The real G-I-Ders, though, do this all the time. I’m not sure that I can maintain this level of activity!

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