Fruit Surprise

fruit 1The title of this post is not related to a recipe, new dessert or even a Cafe Pugh disaster, Fruit Surprise is in fact…………….a shopping revolution!

This weekend we spent one of our afternoons in nearby Cheltenham, and knowing that there is a great greengrocers there we decided to do our weekly shopping whilst we were there. Now as it was a little late in the day by the time we got there we were met with cries of “Fruit Surprise £2, £2 a bag Fruit Surprise”. Our ears pricked up and we were suitably intrigued, and no sooner had we asked what a Fruit Surprise was our friendly grocer was filling a carrier with punnet after punnet of assorted fruity goodies – amazing!! A £1 bag of bananas and some lovely looking tomatoes and we were happy shoppers!fruit 3

A quick browse inside the shop revealed more goodies, some nuts, seeds and sultanas, which we were running very low on indeed, result!

It was then a trip to a Polish shop where we got some delights. A different type of shop to normal but we were very pleased. In the days that followed we got some spuds and cheese from Lechlade and then more cheese (we love cheese) and some cleaning products. fruit 2

fruit 4

Sack the photographer this is extremely shaky work!

Total spend £36.80.

Another week of supermarket freeness under our belts. Happy Weekend folks!