A knitting announcement

knitting 4Becksie has only gone and done it……. she has actually followed and completed a knitting pattern!

Ok it was a simple pattern but it was a pattern none the less! Introducing Becksie’s home knitted hand warmers!!!! knitting 1Oh yeah! To say Becksie is proud of these beasts is an understatement!

knitting 5You may recall Beckie was determined to knit a cardy for Lizzie – well she was doing ok but she was knitting against the clock as Lizzie keeps on growing! So…….. our lovely friend Margaret (herself an amazing knitter) suggested wisely Becksie start something easy for herself that she didn’t need in a hurry – enter simple hand warmers in summer! As they are uber simple Becksie can’t be bothered to blog the pattern (it’s also not hers to blog hehe) so we’re afraid this post is nothing more than a ‘Becksie is a hero’ post but…… we’re sure you’ll understand!!

knitting 2So as we’ve already admitted this is a shameless post here are some photos of the newest knitter in town’s work! Becksie is happy to start to supply to local shops so……. let the orders flow hehe! Please order now for the 2090 winter season!!

knitting 3Any ideas for the next project?


23 thoughts on “A knitting announcement

  1. they are stunning and what an achievement 🙂 What about making some lovely chicks to hide eggs (of the chocolate variety maybe) in for Lizzie next Easter? My gran used to make them for us then hide them in her garden as part of a hunt and I still have some to this day that I use for my children. After Easter they can always be stuffed with a little cotton wool to display till next year xx

  2. Next up matching hat. Knitting is such a wonderful hobby (I design and teach knitting and crochet) so soothing and lots of wonderful independant traders to support.

  3. Well done 🙂

    Next, you could knit more handwarmers for gifts (I got told it was 19 weeks until Christmas yesterday!), a blanket for Lizzie’s dolls/teddies, a bag, a scarf, mittens for Lizzie (the ones with no thumbs are simplest- to knit and to put on), cafitiere or tea cosy, a hat…

  4. They are gorgeous Becksie!! I used to knit loads and got braver and braver with the patterns I knitted till I was doing real fair isle with wool coming from jamieson smith shetland wool brokers in lerwick. But now I have arthritic hands and can’t do any more, (boo-hoo!) I still miss it too, so meditative (is that even a word?) well, like meditation anyway.

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