Can’t remember treats

can't 5Here’s a quick recipe we rediscovered during our recent cookery book trawl to find new inspiration.  It’s simply yummy and sooooo easy we can’t believe it’s been so long since we last made it. As with lot of Becksie’s recipes this one is on the back of an envelope in her most messy writing. She seems to remember discussing it with someone and then scribbling it down from said person’s dictation……… she can not remember who it was but these are mighty fine treats. So from this day forth this shall be known as ‘Can’t remember treats’.

So gather together the following crew:

250 grams of chocolatecan't 4

125 grams of sugar

125 grams of desiccated coconut (is it just Becksie who struggles not to call this designated coconut?)

35 grams of chopped cherries

35 grams of chopped nuts

95 grams of raisins

1 egg

Line a cake tin.

Melt the chocolate and put it in the tin and allow to set.can't 2

Pre-heat oven to 180c.

can't 3Mix together the sugar, coconut, cherries, nuts, raisins and egg and spread it over the chocolate base.

can't 1Bake for about 30 minutes until golden.

Allow to cool and slice into bars.

YUM YUM YUM. Thank you whoever it was who told Becksie this recipe, we love it.


11 thoughts on “Can’t remember treats

  1. Yum!

    I’ve been known to buy desecrated coconut like Mrs F, but whichever, after watching Big Cook Little Cook with my eldest two as preschoolers, I HAVE to pretend to be a steam engine… (move arms as if on the wheels of a steam train and say “dessicated coconut” repeatedly as if a steam train setting off. Emphasis on DES of dessicated. For full effect, join with husband in being trains around the kitchen. For top embarrassing parent marks, repeat in shop whilst looking for dessicated coconut. Teenagers will move as far away from you as possible whilst rolling eyes…

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