Disaster Plaster

It would seem that the Team Pugh HQ has become a disaster zone!!!

Firstly Becksie (the gardener) was doing a spot of wedding on Sunday and Ian was doing a spot of work on the chicken pen when……. disaster struck and………a piece of trellis fell on Becksie’s head! OUCH!

jenny 2Monday morning brought with it a incident involving a nappy and the carpet that we will provide no more details on and…….. Monday PM brought with it a disaster involving Jenny and a dining chair which…… we shall now provide full details of. Here goes………

Jenny, Daisy, Becksie and Lizzie were eating a spot of lunch.

Jenny, Daisy, Becksie and Lizzie finished lunch.

Becksie knelt down to clean up the floor and heard a crunch.

She looks around to see…….. Jenny still sat on the chair but not at the right height.

jenny 3Jenny and Becksie laugh so much they are both crying.

Daisy is a little shocked at the whole event and cries.

Lizzie is unsure of what is going on and whether she should laugh like Becksie and Jenny or cry again with Daisy.

She opts for a huge belly laugh.jenny 1

A very funny event and Becksie, although very sorry Jenny had to go through such a trauma, CAN NOT stop laughing.

This is perhaps a lesson in not buying things that other people have sent to the charity shop but……. Becksie intends to continue as a) she loves a second hand buy and b) the chair may have broken but she still has 3 and a wonderful memory of a fun time with a friend. Somehow Becksie thinks poor Jenny will not be allowed to forget this one in a hurry.

Now as Becksie has been so mean in laughing at Jenny she’d be uber grateful if you’d pop over to Jenny’s Sewing Facebook page and give it a like and…… consider a little order?


7 thoughts on “Disaster Plaster

  1. oh dear team pugh I have 2 chairs the same style just not painted white do you want them or do you think they will have the second hand curse and I have some books for you thrifty ones so will give them to daddy grey xx

  2. Oh dear, not a good few days. Looks like the chair needs some repairing by Ian with some good wood glue! Glad nobody is really hurt and that A&E were not required!!

  3. I chuckled even though I’d heard about it from the ‘horse’s mouth’ as it were. Jenny is obviously following in Daisy’s grandad’s footsteps (aka Jenny’s Dad) for the (in)famous lunch at the Red Lion, Axford when Daisy’s Grandad leant back to hand a plate of veg to the other table we were all occupying and managed to end up sitting on the floor, still holding said plate of veg! The plastic chair leg had twisted and dumped him onthe floor – cue much unsympathetic laughter from assembled group!!!

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