Beautiful History

history 4As you may know Becksie is very very fond of old cookery and household management books. She treasures this lovely little book Grannie Pugh got her that was previously owned by Rose Higgins. She has spent a lot of time and has read it cover to cover, she has even made some of the recipes but has failed miserably to blog any of them.

history 5She also owns a few more delightful books that she often spends a lovely 1/2 hour or so flicking through. This is a particular favourite that was given to Becksie by her lovely Aunty Pat when she was 28 weeks pregnant with Lizzie. This book is simply a treasure.

history 1Recently two more very beautiful treasures have come into our lives. Firstly from a lovely lady called Carol (she makes amazing muffins). This little book is simply a note book that someone has lovingly filled with newspaper clippings of yesteryear all about useful household and cookery tips. history 2One of Becksie’s favourite reads as follows:

‘Spilt Coffee’

‘I have just had the misfortune to spill some coffee on my purple art silk crepe dress, and it has dried leaving three large spots. Could you suggest something to remove these marks? ‘- E.M.R

We don’t know about you but when Becksie reads this sentence the most wonderful picture is conjured up in her head. These days should one happen to spill coffee on their ‘purple art silk crepe dress’ one would immediately google what to do. In this time one would pen a letter (being very careful not to spill ink on ones purple art silk crepe dress) and send it to the newspaper. This to Becksie seems rather magical.

Becksie doing the ironing!

Becksie doing the ironing!

This is another favourite tip of Becksie’s that this amazing little book contains (now she enjoys gardening she will indeed be trying this one)……

‘Remember the Moss’

‘Do you sometimes bring growing primroses and polyanthuses in from your garden and put them in bowls about your house? A little bit of moss on the surface of these growing things keeps the moisture in them I find. Remember this – because it isn’t good to be always watering them!’

Becksie will remember this and whilst wearing her purple art silk crepe dress will of course do this when she brings the polyanthuses in from the garden to pop in bowls around our house. Simply lovely.

history 6The second piece of beautiful history was a very very special gift given to Becksie by Grandpa Pugh. This gift really touched Becksie as it a Pugh family heirloom that Grandpa Pugh said that of anyone in the family Becksie would get the most pleasure out of it. He was not wrong Becksie has spent quite a lot of time already ready reading (complete with colour spreads) how she should manage her home according to…….. Mrs. Beeton!

history 7Becksie loves Mrs. Beeton and was recently surprised to hear that despite the image one gets of Mrs. Beeton being some grandmotherly figure she was indeed younger than Becksie is now when she died aged 28 year old. She started out publishing monthly articles in a magazine before the full collection were printed as ‘The Book of Household Management’. This book is a true delight and this woman is a VERY VERY inspirational woman. Becksie thinks she is a hero and would love to follow in he footsteps……… so if your a magazine publisher and would like a monthly column on household management Becksie would be delighted to provide monthly articles (please take this blog as her writing CV ;)).

So a huge thank you to Carol and Grandpa Pugh for these delightful gifts that have given Becksie a huge amount of pleasure.

Oh……… and if you too have had a rather unfortunate incident involving coffee and a purple art silk crepe dress then…….. this is how to remedy it:

‘Glycerine is very good for removing coffee stains, but you should first find out if the crepe silk shrinks when washed. To remove coffee stains from washable silks, soak the stained part in a saucer containing equal amounts of glycerin and warm water. Rub gently with the tips of our fingers until the stain loosens, when it can be rinsed out. ‘

So now you know – we are of course sorry if your purple art silk crepe dress shrinks when washed – if this is the case……..hit google ;).


10 thoughts on “Beautiful History

  1. Love it!! I will make sure I treat all my art silk dresses (purple or otherwise) in such a manner, should I be clumsy enough to spill my morning restorative cup of coffee on them!!!

  2. Love this post, nice to find another Mrs Beeton fan :o) Did you see the docu drama on her and her husband a couple of years ago, might be available on download or disc somewhere (but I cant remember what it was called, sorry!).

  3. Lovely post. I too have several old cookery books including a Mrs B. The documentary was fascinating. Btw I believe that Mr B also invented the paper dress pattern so women could make their own fashionable dresses if they couldn’t afford a dress-maker. He was a bit of an entrepreneur!

  4. That was a beautiful post!! I love old cookbooks, well old anything really, but only possess one Mrs B, It would be doubly special to have a family one. You can learn such a lot from old sources, I read that schools had a nature table in early years and always meant to have one myself except that our house is so small any vacant horizontal surface soon gets covered with things looking for a home!

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