Our Napkin Is Finished

Napkin 6A wee while ago our lovely friend Mary guest posted all about ‘The Napkin Project’. This is a wonderful idea getting people to embroider a napkin on the theme of home to be given to a dementia sufferer.

Napkin 8

We were inspired to sew our own napkin and it really got us thinking about the subject of home. So….. here it is, our embroidered napkin. We know its not the neatest or most beautifully sewn piece but its been done with love!

Napkin 1

Napkin 2

Napkin 3

Napkin 4We are delighted to report that we have had a variety of emails / tweets to say our readers have been inspired to have a go. This is wonderful and we’d like to make a request that if you’ve been inspired to have a go you send us a picture so we can put a photo of your work on a year without supermarkets. Please email the pictures to teampugh@hotmail.co.uk.

Napkin 5

And if you’ve haven’t had a go and would like to details can be found here.

What does home mean to you?

Napkin 7


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  1. My napkin arrived just before I went on holiday, must find it now we’re back and get sewing. Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration Team Pugh. Will post photo when I’ve done it.

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