Words I never thought I’d say……

Ok…… here are some words Becksie NEVER EVER EVER thought she’d say….. ‘I think I might be enjoying gardening’!

Lizzie 'enjoying' snack time in the rain whilst mummy was gardening!

Lizzie ‘enjoying’ snack time in the rain whilst mummy was gardening!

Sit down people, we know this is a revelation mostly because it’s a revelation to us. BUT (never start a sentence with BUT especially all in capitals, its hugely terrible grammar) ever since Grandad Gray spent time sorting out our garden that was a disgrace Becksie has made an effort to:

a) Water if it’s not been wet.

b) Pull out weeds.

'eeeeeek mummy is still gardening - I'm getting wet'

‘eeeeeek mummy is still gardening – I’m getting wet’

c) Actually replace a hanging basket.

gardening 4

pre-sweeping up

d) Redo a sort of basket thing that hangs on the fence.

e) Sweep the patio.

f) Think about painting chair number 2 (but it rained so there wasn’t any point)

'Much better it's dry in here'

‘Much better it’s dry in here’

g) She has taken 2 trips to a garden centre (granted one of these times was a time killing exercise but it still counts).

One of our purchases - it's probably in the wrong place / soil or whatever but..... we're trying

One of our purchases – it’s probably in the wrong place / soil or whatever but….. we’re trying

h) Water the basket and pots outside the front of the house everyday.

i) Not kill a house plant someone gave us (more on this is a mo).

j) We have taken more care with our houseplants – watering them as necessary and not thinking ‘oh we’ll do it next week.

k) Looked at the box of seeds we owned and strongly considered planting some.

l) Picked up a free gardening magazine from the library swap box.

Bet you can't even tell which bits our garden and which bits the magazine cover (humour us please)

Bet you can’t even tell which bits our garden and which bits the magazine cover (humour us please)

m) Read a bit of a book about how to garden.

Come on then whose impressed? Well….. Becskie is impressed and is determined to try to keep on top of all of the above.

The plant the day we got it

The plant the day we got it

As for the a fore mentioned houseplant Becksie was given this by Sandie’s dad and was very pleased with it. Becksie asked for directions as to how not to kill it. The advice dispensed was a bright sunny place, keep it moist but not flooded. This Becksie did and the plant that is called a Pentas which had one head of pink flowers now has about six heads of pink flowers. It’s surely a triumph! To say Becksie is proud of this little plant is an understatement!

The plant now!

The plant now!

So there you have it, word’s you ever thought you’d hear. Word’s Becksie never thought she’d say. Long may it continue.


10 thoughts on “Words I never thought I’d say……

  1. I am rubbish with houseplants too FWIW. And I think your garden’s lovely! I don’t have any outside space at all (no, not even a balcony 😦 ) so am basically epically jealous of anyone with a garden 🙂

  2. Well done Team Pugh! I’ve been rubbish at house plants but seem to BT good at orchids! We now have someone to do the garden and it’s looking great!

  3. Well done Bexsie. Lizzie will soon be giving you a helping hand. How about a sand pit for her? oops! cats, may be not.

  4. i make the same promises every year with my garden sometimes I get there don’t forget the way to heaven is paved with good intentions xx

  5. Wow look at you! Im very impressed and shall Uncle Alan (Titchmarsh) to watch out! (he’s not really my Uncle thats just what hes called at our house).
    You’ll be growing veg next :o)

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