Why shopping locally works for us

Becksie recently did a radio interview and as she is such an organised human prepared some notes. The radio interview went well but the interviewer didn’t really ask all the questions Becksie had prepared for! Doh! So in true waste not want not style these leftover notes have been baked in a hot oven and are being served to you as a blog post today:M BOYDEN

As our year draws nearer to its end we have been doing some reflecting on why local shopping works for us…… here are our thoughts:

Local shopping helps keep us focused on a budget as we don’t go into the shop for milk and leave with a fan, a paddling pool, £40 worth of food and a t shirt. Before we started this project we were huge ‘top up shoppers’.50 quid

It changes your mindset – you learn what you need to buy and as a consequence don’t spend money on things that will just get thrown away. For example  bogof deals look great but do you actually need 14 peppers? Stopping this kind of shopping has also meant our waste is zero.

The 'food waste' from the Satsuma during live below the line

We now buy ingredients instead of products, this is 97% really great but sometimes we admit it’s tricky and tiring. Buying ingredients instead of products takes more motivation but its really positive – being more motivated has made us achieve more and experience more.

Less choice is actually really refreshing and much less stressful. When the time comes that we are allowed back into the supermarket we think the choice might actually feel quite overwhelming!

We have saved money and feel much more chilled out. Total saving on our £50 budget in 9 months is £530! But that doesn’t include the approx saving of £30 we’ve saved a week by dropping top up shops.

We have made new friends.

The local shop keepers know us and help us – they’ll order in special requests, service is fab. They give us recipe suggestions etc.

Every pound you spend locally is actually worth more to the local economy.

You discover just how much is available locally.

An icy but lovely lovely Faringon

An icy but lovely lovely Faringon

If we don’t use these businesses we will lose them and that would actually be really inconvenient.

You’ve got to weigh it up – something might cost £1 in the supermarket and £1.50 in your local town but there are extra costs and implications of travelling further- petrol costs, temptation to buy more, stuff that might get wasted etc.

So there we have it, our thoughts on why local shopping works for us. We are of course doing an extreme version of this but if everyone did a little bit it would be fab. To quote Tesco’s ‘ Every Little Helps’!!!!


6 thoughts on “Why shopping locally works for us

  1. You have done well TeamPugh. I admire your journey and I see that you have done a wonderful job of shopping locally. Keep up the good work. We enjoy your blogs too.

  2. Well said Teampugh – youve done brilliantly and I cant help but feel this year has made you all happier and healthier – long may it continue (even when you do venture back into those dens of inequity) Ive loved hearing about your journey, youve made a lot of us really think about what we buy and what we really need. Well done. :o)

  3. Tesco has closed a distribution centre in Harlow and 800 people have lost their jobs in consequence. Now, one of the benefits put forward by The Dreaded Tesco for bullying councils into giving planning permission for yet another supermarket somewhere is that it brings jobs to an area and choice for shoppers. If you have one large employer and they close or move, how is that of benefit to anyone? Small shopkeepers have been forced out of business because of the competition and the whole network of community businesses has been destroyed. My degree is in Environmental Science and one thing that is fundamental to natural systems is that stable systems are based on variety. My experience is that any stable system requires variety: even if a certain element fails, the system is strong enough to recover.
    Your blog has done so much good in spreading the message of supporting the broad base. It has changed my laziness, for one! Thank you.

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