Making biscuits for my daddy

Today Lizzie has decided that its her turn to share a recipe. So…..Lizzie it’s over to you!

lizzie 8My Daddy loves biscuits, I love my Daddy so…. I decided to bake some biscuits for him. In order for my Mummy to not feel left out I decided to let her help.

First things first I washed my teeny tiny hands. I then got my mummy to preheat the oven to 200c – Mummy is always telling me that the oven is hot and that I mustn’t touch it. Goodness me some of my toys are way more dangerous (have you ever dealt with stacky cups?) but I’ve learnt parents need humouring.

lizzie 3Then it was time to put on my apron and get out the ingredients I required. I fetched the flour, the sugar, an egg, the vanilla essence, the butter and the cornflour. It’s quite a long walk from our pantry to the worktop but I made it and even kept the egg in one piece.

This is my concentrating face!!

This is my concentrating face!!

It was touch and go as mummy tried to take it off me before I got to the worktop but I was having none of this and said ‘no’ very firmly.

I got Mummy to help me with the weighing out bit…….

125grams of butter

70grams of sugar

A dash of vanilla extract

One egg yolk (we made pink almond meringues with the egg white)

130grams of plain flour

20grams of corn flour

lizzie 2It was then time to mix it up – first  mix the butter and sugar until combined.

future career in quality control?

future career in quality control?

I tried a bit it was YUMMY. Truth be told I could have eaten the whole bowl but boring Mummy said no. I then added the vanilla essence and the egg yolk and mixed again.

lizzie 5Then I sieved the flours and mixed it into the butter mixture. After a good mix we had a firm dough. I chose the pig cutter and we rolled the biscuit dough to about 1cm and cut out our pigs.

lizzie 7We put them on a baking sheet (we used a silicon sheet but a greased one would be grand as well).

lizzie 6Made a mark for the eye, I added some finger prints and after eating a pigs leg (oops) and sprinkling with sugar we popped them in the oven for 22 minutes!

lizzie 8When they were golden out they came and we waited for Daddy. He was very very pleased!