Garden delights

As you know Becksie and Ian aren’t exactly Charlie Dimmock and Alan Titchmarsh! We both really want to really enjoy gardening but….. at the moment we don’t. We’ve dabbled with grow your own but as Grandad Gray is so good and it and generous with his grows we fail to get motivated.

Broken and weedy hanging basket - oops

Broken and weedy hanging basket – oops

Our garden at Team Pugh is a lovely garden but its not the garden we currently want. We want space for Lizzie to play and grass and our little cottage garden isn’t making us want to garden. We stand in our garden and feel overwhelmed by what needs doing.


Weedy path – great sock and shoe combo. Lizzie before she was a walker

However a few days ago Grandad Gray came to sort it out! An hour in and it looked much much better. Two hours in and it was looking great! Four hours, one trip with Lizzie to Faringdon (for Grandad), one trip to the park for Lizzie and Grandad…

garden 3

and one lunch break for Grandad and…… our garden is an absolute delight!garden 8

garden 7

garden 5

garden 6Wow thank you Grandad we promise promise promise to try harder!! We might even try to grow something. At the very least we’ll water and weed. Although thinking about it makes feel tired! And……. we still only have one painted garden chair!! 


8 thoughts on “Garden delights

  1. It looks fab…what a clever Grandad Lizzie has!!! We need a painting party so we can get that garden furniture done 😉 xx

  2. That looks lovely!! I was the same, I looked at my garden and just didn’t know what to do. Then I married a gardener and he does it now!

  3. get off your bums gardening is one of life’s delights when I feel down I GO and pull a few weeds out or go to the allotment and bury my “problems” talk to God in the peace and quite. My youngest boy Luke used to come with me result? he studied conservation and countryside management a real nature boy. You never know where your example lead your little one x oh he’s in Canada in the wilds

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