freeness 6When Ian and Becksie lived in halls someone owned a set of knives that had various food names cut out of the middle (weird or what?). They were possibly the worst set of knives in the universe but….. they provided a good source of humour. There was one that said cheese, one that said pizza and one that said ‘otamot’! Or…… so a visitor called Sam thought to our halls! We’ll never forgot him inquiring as to what an ‘otamot’ was!

otamot 1Of course an ‘otamot’ is a rather lovely fruit that masquerades as a vegetable! The tomato as its often called is an awesome thing. In the kitchen they have a squillion uses. There is nothing quite like the taste of an otomot from the greenhouse, there is also nothing quite like the smell of otamots growing in a greenhouse. Grandad Gray used to work at a National Trust property with the most amazing tomato greenhouse and perhaps it was here Becksie got her love of tomatoes!

Fresh Tomatoes do in fact give Becksie instant mouth ulcers but…… she adores them and is prepared to take on a large mouth ulcer attack in order to enjoy their delights. Cooked tomatoes however don’t seem to do this and….. tinned tomatoes (with bacon) on toast are one of Becksie’s favourite meals in the world and happen to be one of Mammar’s signature dishes! Now….. Mammar has a secret which we are about to reveal that will change the way the nation cooks tinned tomatoes forever. Next time you cook a tin add the following:

A spoon full of sugar.

A few shakes of salt.

A few twists of pepper.

Its quite an art form to get the balance but practice makes perfect and this is one culinary skill you’ll be glad you mastered. You see tinned tomatoes need this trio like the deserts needs the rain,  like John needs Edward and like Ant needs Dec!

Of course this rule can also be applied to fresh tomatoes that are to be baked……

Cut up your tomatoes and pop them into a baking tray.otamot 2

Add a dash of oil and a really good squeeze of lemon.otamot 3

Add a healthy sprinkling of sugar ( on this occasion we added dark brown sugar), a twist (or a few) of salt and pepper.









Place in a hot oven and bake for about 25 minutes.

This recipe is one you need to practice until you have the salty sweet mixtures spot on for your taste but…… trust us (if you like tomatoes) this recipe is AMAZING!

otamot 4


10 thoughts on “Otamots

  1. Tinned toms, bacon and toast were a staple for tea at my Nans! Still a fave of mine too. We have our first ‘crop’ of as yet green tomatoes in the grow bags – planted and nurtured by I (age 9) and F (age 6). We are very excited!

  2. I love tomatos and that sounds a brilliant way to ring the changes! When my daughter was tiny she thought the letter ‘T’ was a number so for some reason believed the name of them must be ‘B’matos!’ I love these little stories and I’m sure you’ll have your own in the very near future!

  3. For a tomato salad:
    Slice tomatoes, sprinkle with brown sugar, season with black pepper & sea salt, drizzle with olive oil & balsamic vinegar. Chill. Garnish with basil leaves. Nice with cubes of feta cheese & olives added.

  4. Thanks for this idea. We grow a variety of tomatoes in our little garden of raised beds. And aside from just eating fresh, we also prepare a lot of oven roasted tomatoes, and even freeze some. But never have added sugar or lemon juice. Just lots of olive oli, S&P. Maybe ours here are naturally sweet? Anyway, will give your recipe a try soon. Our little toms are in daily abundance now, but the romas and beefsteaks are still growing despite the rain. We do expect bumper crops however this year due to the high temps for most of July until the rains hit.

    Love the story of those odd knives, too funny.

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