That friday feeling

friday 3Oh no its happened again – it’s Friday and Team Pugh have reached their elastic limit!!! So……. dinner is chips beans and eggs. They were homemade chips and home laid eggs! Oh well sometimes you just need to eat something like this!friday 1

Obviously after such an unhealthy main we opted for an uber healthy pudding!

Well……. maybe, sort of ummmmm……. Fruit dipped in chocolate! Oops! Well whilst we’re confessing we may as well fess up we might have add a dash of cream!friday 4

Oh very very dear Team Pugh must so some extreme exercise to make up for our sins.

friday 2

But….. Now for our defense…………………..

Both Ian and Becksie have lost at least half a stone each since the start of this experiment.

Lizzie hasn’t had any processed baby food and now eats all kinds of foods and really enjoys eating.friday 5

Biscuits are now a treat not a norm.

We no longer buy sugary cereal – only Weetabix and then make homemade granola (ok this not exactly low fat but….. its’s homemade).

We don’t really drink sugary drinks unless you count homemade cordial which…… we are loving.

Well…… enough of that it’s Friday night and we’re off for a run (HAHA)!

Happy Weekend one and all.


8 thoughts on “That friday feeling

  1. Pughs are doing much better than me… I have had a Crunchie and some strawberry laces for tea. Ooops.
    Hope you enjoyed the eggs. They looked great! xxx

  2. Chips, beans and eggs sounds like a perfectly fine Friday dinner. And chocolate is made for beans, which are vegetables, so chocolate is healthy. Period.
    We enjoyed some very healthy homemade pizza for supper this just now, and had homemade brownies with our tea this afternoon. Also very healthy, what with all the cocoa I added. 😉

  3. You could make healthy chips by tossing the cut potatoes in some olive oil and then cooking them in a hot oven. That way they’re healthy (er) so you can enjoy them without feeling guilty! And fried egg and chips is a great meal!

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