Potato Cakes and Shopping

So today was shopping day……… we decided to pop to Millets in search of reduced cream to make quiche to use up our eggs. And……. guess what, we were in luck – reduced cream galore. The shopping weighed in at £29.14, another week very under budget. This makes us very happy and still not a supermarket in sight. potato 4

Reduced cream :)

Reduced cream 🙂

potato 6

But before all this shopping action Becksie made potato cakes for breakfast. They are so simple and so yummy.

potato 2

Take yesterday’s left over mashed potato.

Add a cup of plain flour.

An egg.

A cup of milk.

Salt and pepper.

This is the most horrible looking photo but...... demonstrates nicely the lumpy mash

This is the most horrible looking photo but…… demonstrates nicely the lumpy mash.

Mix until you technically have a smooth batter. We say technically because we couldn’t because we started with lumpy mash as we made the mash for fishcakes so left the potato skins on and left lumps for texture. We had planned to mash it more this am but…… couldn’t be faffed. Anyways back to the recipe.

potato 3Heat some oil in a pan and add a few dollops of batter. Cook just like you do pancakes.

Now serving possibilities from this point on are endless. Have it as part of a full english,  as a side dish to a main meal, instead of bread for a sarnie, as a pizza base. The possibilities really are endless.

Today we had ours with butter as a yummy breakfast. Lizzie also dipped them in her cup of milk and made a good selection of yum noises! We have also frozen half to be used as part of a quick tea – a homemade healthier version of all the potato products on offer at the supermarket and…….. as a brucey bonus they helped with our egg glut.


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  1. Mmmmm they sound tasty!!! I had what might be a good idea for our chooks yesterday, I thought if I grow some sunflowers and let them go to seed, they’ll have dinner plate size seed heads that will make a lovely Christmas dinner for the chooks, probably with all sorts of teeny bugs and critters if we hang them in the summer house. I’ll let you know how it works!

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