2 years ago today

wedding ann 8Today is Ian and Becksie’s second wedding anniversary! So far so good! We are very happy and are pleased with our achievements since getting hitched! As with most things we like to reflect on where we are at so we thought we’d share 10 tips from what being married has taught us so far.wedding ann 4 In no particular order:

1. Be kind to each other, the world can sometimes be unkind so it’s important to be kind to each other. Surrounding yourselves with kindness makes life better. We will say being kind isn’t always that easy.wedding ann 7

2. Accept each others ways and opinions and use polite discussion to amend them. Only kidding argue about the differences but recognise you are a team and team playing is not always easy.

3. Pick your battles wisely – everyday Ian leaves his tie on the banister instead of walking an extra 3 steps to put it away. Most days Becksie walks the extra three steps and tries really hard to not mention it. She tries hard not to mention it as she knows Ian isn’t shouting at her for leaving a pile of WI papers here, a half finished knitting project there.

4. Have a laugh together – watch a film, tell a joke, play a game. Doesn’t matter just don’t forget to laugh.wedding ann 6

5. Talk to each other – about all things great and small.

6. Listen to what each other is saying -this one is often hard but worth the effort! Becksie must try harder!

7. Listen to what each other isn’t saying – Ian struggles with this concept but is trying.

8. Find a shared passion and make it important!  Our main one is a certain small person but food is also pretty high on the agenda.

9. Take risks to get to where and what you want – if you support each other you’ll be ok. There is always a plan B!wedding ann 3

10. Make memories when you can, you won’t remember watching EastEnders everyday or cleaning the house and as Becksie’s Nana told her before she died when your old you’ll live on your memories. Fill up this memory bank so you’ve got lots to live on later.wedding ann 5

So there you have it – a few tips! And…… to celebrate our anniversary here’s the tune Becksie and Ian walked out of the church to as the newest Mr and Mrs Pugh…..Buddy it’s over to you!!


9 thoughts on “2 years ago today

  1. congratulations you 2 I remember it well it was a lovely wedding so colourful the flowers purple bridesmaids with pink shoos and orange flowers it was so coordinated such fun I will never forget it or you becksie desperate to find out what happened to amy winehouse do you remember that love you bothxxx

  2. What a lovely guide book to marriage! I’m sure the next 2 years, and plenty more after that, will be just as good. x

  3. What an absolutely perfest post! Congratulations on your 2 years and arguable equal congratulations on such an excellent choice of leaving-church-soundtrack!

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