14 months

lizzie 7Lizzie is 14 months old now and how the time has flown! This blog post is intended as a way to document where Lizzie is at with her learning in life. If your reading this in the future Lizzie then we need you to now just how cute you are and how extremely proud of you we are.

lizzie 4Walking:

At 14 months you are an independent little walker. You know when and why you want to walk. Your balance is very good and it is so cute to watch you autocorrect yourself to ensure you don’t fall. You own two pairs of shoes and look wonderful in both. To date you’ve had two cases of ‘falley down knees’ – ouch!



Since you were teeny tiny you have been going to baby signing. Your mummy and daddy would HIGHLY recommend this to other parents. Instead of feeling frustrated you are able to communicate with the world. You tell us if you want a drink, something to eat or if something is too hot or if you have a pain. You can sign yes and no which means we can ask you questions. You LOVE all the animal signs and can do them very well. Pig, monkey, mouse, cat, dog, fish, sheep, cow, horse, duck. You’ve even made up your own sign for ladybird mostly so you can tell us when you want to read your ladybird book or play your ladybird game. You also have an excellent grip of signs like please, thank you, dangerous, hot, carefully, naughty and the ability to sign sorry.

lizzie 1Words

Some of these signs are starting to be replaced by words. You love to say ‘narna’, ‘dog dog’ ‘mummma’ ‘dadda’ ‘mammar’ ‘peppa’ ‘dawwwga’ (george), ‘dessica’ (Jessica), ‘dake’ (Jake), ‘datie’ (Katie), ‘cat’, ‘more’, ‘no’

An amazing collection of words and your voice is the mostly lovely thing we have ever heard.

lizzie 6Singing

You are now starting to sing – this such a delight to hear and we often stand outside your bedroom door in the morning before we come in listening to your wonderful and beautiful singing. You recently ‘sang’ to the tune of the wheels on the bus and Mumma nearly skipped with joy.

lizzie 5


You LOVE eating. We LOVE watching you eat. You know what you like and whats not so high on your agenda. You adore fruit and given the chance could eat as much as us. You have quite a sweet tooth, a trait that comes from dadda.

lizzie 3


You are a really great sleeper and usually sleep without a peep from 8pm til 8am. You don’t know this but Mumma and Dadda often stand over your cot watching you sleep. You sleep in some amazing positions and look so so so cute. Its incredible to see how much of your cot you take up with your little limbs. This skills is from your mumma who at 5ft 1 1/2 inches can easily take up a whole double bed.

We love you Lizzie, thank you for being you – our bestest little buddy and a humongous source of pride and fun.


13 thoughts on “14 months

  1. She is soooooooo cute and clever! and funny in the nicest way. Keep on documenting this becs, it is a treasure trove!

  2. Aw, you have reminded me how utterly wonderful signing with my babies was. I second that recommendation, everyone should sign. If you don’t have access to a class just make some up!

  3. Lovely post! We loved baby signing. My eldest had a really good grasp of it and would sign with me daily. It really helped us communicate as he refused to say anything more than a stock of 6 words until his brother was born when he was 2 years and 3 months old! Then the sentences came thick and fast and the signing phased out…!

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