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napkin 1A while back we had a lovely guest blog from Aunty Mary about the super Napkin Project. Of course we ordered one straight away and were delighted when our napkin arrived. The idea is you embroider a napkin on the subject of home and then post it back for it to be given to a dementia sufferer. We posted here about what home means to us.

napkin 4

Home is not bricks or mortar for us but more a sense of being together as a family. So how to reflect this on our napkin? Well we set Lizzie up with a pot of pens and let her design the napkin. She had free choice of colours and after about 10 minutes we had our design! We also had one dress left to soak in cold water, two green scribbled feet (one of Lizzie’s one of Becksie’s) and a blue arm!napkin 2

Becksie then drew the little characters Becksie uses for the scrap books of Lizzie’s adventures she makes (not sure we’ve ever blogged about these?) and in each corner showed how each member of our home helped!napkin 3

Napkin designed it was time to get nifty with a needle! As this napkin needed to represent ‘us’ aka ‘our home’ we decided it should be a simple  made up stitch, using bright colours (a la Lizzie’s specifications on the original design), that didn’t get hung up on perfection.napkin 5

So……. you will have to wait and see for the finished article, we will get there, perhaps even before our chairs get painted…………. If you would like to have a go as well you can visit the project by clicking here!napkin 6


8 thoughts on “Our Napkin

  1. What a brilliant pattern to sew on your napkin, after seeing the post about them I sent for one and it arrived this week. Like you I wasn’t sure what design to make so mine too is a work in progress. I have an inherited book of embroidery stitches (my gran and mum embroidered many pillowslips and table cloths when i was a child)so will be using that to help. Can’t wait to see your finished napkin. Happy sewing! 😉

  2. It looks really good and what a lovely idea to include the whole family on it.

    I haven’t decided what to do on mine yet. I am waiting to be inspired.

    • The project is amazing and I am REALLY enjoying sewing mine – do let us see a picture of your finished napkin and we’ll post it on our blog

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