Today we have a little confession…….. don’t worry we haven’t been to a supermarket or even cheated in any way shape of form but………. we have thought today about what we would buy if could just jump in the car and pop to Sainsburys! obs 1

The truth is our year without supermarkets has saved us lots of money but unless you are on top of the game in terms of baking snacks and keeping the freezer topped up with ‘ready made homemade things’ the days when you just want to eat something quickly are quite hard. Whats worse than these days are the days when you can’t even be bothered to eat a meal and when you just want foods to snack on. Having no ‘product’ food in our house is something we are usually hugely proud of but today it is very hard.

It’s hot, Becksie can’t be bothered to cook and quite frankly truth be told we don’t even want anything healthy. Today we want to eat quickly – we want convenience. As we said this is fine if you are on top of the game but……. we are currently aren’t so……….. our year without supermarkets right now this second feels quite hard. And………….. a little bit of us would actually really like to get in the car go to Sainsburys and have a huge choice of foods that we could buy and bring home with ease and……. if we so wanted each one of us could have something different. toast 2

We could of course crack but we’d be letting ourselves down so we must tonight solider on and stay strong to our no supermarket cause. We must also take heart that 8 months into this mission this is the first real time when we have found it really hard. The next part is the hardest bit……….. the reason we have got to this point is our (well Becksie’s) failure to stay ahead of the game and she must do a good shop and sort out the freezer. This involves a huge batch cook of dinners, a batch cook of pancakes, crumpets etc and a big bread bake so that we are once again prepared for the days where you really can’t be bothered. Muffins 6

So……….. tonight we must ride it out and next week we MUST get organised! We hope everyone is enjoying a snack filled Friday and we are not at all jealous 😉

PS – Apologies for tonight’s lack of inspired / reused photos we aren’t feeling at all creative.


8 thoughts on “Convenience

  1. They’re lovely photos & I haven’t seen that one. I think everyone deserves some time off sometime or other & I get fed up too with constantly thinking what to have each day, then shopping for it and cooking it. I’ve just watched nigel slater on tv, he has the wonderful gift of being able to make wonderful meals without recipes and they’re always gorgeous! I couldn’t be more opposite and it is hard work!

  2. Im really impressed that its take you this long before youve felt like this. I really do think that when your year is up and you do set foot inside a supermarket you will be so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in there, the impersonal service and the blatant way everything inside is set up just to part you from your cash, that it will send you running back to the lovely little local shops, markets and farm shops that you have grown to love.
    It sounds like you are just having a wee blip, I know you will be back on form soon, just chill for a bit.
    You are doing great.

    • I think you might be right – there may well be far too much choice and we’ll probably feel quite stressed – eeeeek! Thank you for your ongoing support 🙂

  3. I think the heat wave gives us a ‘don’t know what to cook or eat’ feel. My favourites just lately have been new potatoe salad with a vinaigrette and mint dressing. Beetroot with a fig vinegar dressing. Lovely.

  4. It can feel like hard work some days esp when it’s so hot! I really need to do some baking now the kids are off for summer holidays my cake tin will def need stocking. I can tell the children are in need as both younger girls were fantasising about cake on the way home from buying a new toaster today. Lemon sponge with icing and american spiced carrot tray bake with cream cheese topping were popular votes! It’s still too hot for the oven to be on though – I’ll think I’ll bake those two the morning……. 😉

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