Kindness report part one

You may remember a while back Becksie was delighted to collect 68 dresses from the lovely ladies at Lechlade WI and Becksie decided as a way to say thank you she would complete one kind act for every dress. So……… Becksie has been going round being kind.

kind acts 3Now when Becksie declared this challenge she fully expected to have the post ready a few days after her decision but…….. the truth is doing these acts takes time, thought, effort and sometimes it’s actually really hard. So the truth is not all 68 acts are not all done yet but……… the first 22 are ready to report to our lovely readers. So……. in no particular order here are the first 22:

1. Taking a bunch of flowers to a friend who was kind to us.

2. Sending an email to someone who was poorly to see if they were ok and needed any help.

3. Taking a homemade bath bomb to a lady who is fast becoming a really great friend of Becksie’s.

4. Take what you need poster mark one.kind acts 6

5. Letting a man cross the road even though it took ages and held us up.

6. Leaving 2x 20p in the street so that someone could find them and feel happy.kind acts 5

7. Compliment someone on their outfit and listened to a long involved story about where it came from with grace and enthusiasm.

8. Being kind when we had been hurt.

9. Sweet money in an envelope.kind acts 4

10. Take what you need poster Mark two.

11. Take what you need stone sculpture.

12. Magic beans on a grit bin.kind acts 2

13. Take what you need poster mark three.

14. Using something that was important to Becksie to give as a donation to a worthy cause.

15. Took a bunch of flowers to our local old people’s home with the instruction for them to be given to someone who doesn’t get visitors.kind acts 1

16. Put some money we found into a charity box.

17. Sent Auntie Leah and Uncle Liam a present in the post.

18. Bought something for someone that they would love but would never buy.

19. Giving a bus ticket that still had a few trips on to a chap waiting for the bus.

20. Put a dog bowl outside our house so dog walkers could enjoy a refreshment as they walked past.

21. Making a surprise visit to see Granny and Grandpa Pugh.kind acts 8

22. Posting a DVD to Auntie Leah so she could enjoy a lovely film.

So there you have it the first part of our efforts. Keep visiting us for the next installments and do take a moment to tell us about kind acts you have completed or had done for you.

kind acts 7PS – Making a take what you need poster is really simple. Putting it up in public is surprisingly hard. Going back no longer than 5 minutes to discover someone has taken a ticket – amazing! Seeing that ticket said Freedom – incredible! Going back 24 hours later to see all the tickets had gone – really inspiring. Give it a go!


11 thoughts on “Kindness report part one

  1. What lovely ideas!!! They’re a great thing to do. That would make a good challenge, do something kind every day for a year!!!

  2. Recently, I’ve given away my knitting machine, a tub – chair frame for renovation, a car bike-rack and a garden lounger chair on Freecycle; I didn’t need any of it but, even so, it left me feeling so happy. Oh, also a fig tree in a pot to a fellow allotmenteer ( who has now offered to water my plot when I’m away!). I remember reading an Enid Blyton book *** years ago about passing-on ( as opposed to passing on, if you know what I mean!) Good Deeds, so you don’t need to return a kindness to the same person who showed you one: you pass that kindness on to someone else. It all helps to make the world feel well-balanced, I think.

    P.s. love the photo of Baby Pugh with the Grown Up Up Pughs!

  3. It must be 222 by now. You are one of the kindest people I know. Kindness is second nature to you and over the last few weeks you must have done dozens of kind things without even thinking about it.

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