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Shopping this week was once again an easy trip. A total of £17.67! We went to the greengrocers in Carterton as Becksie wanted some tinned tomatoes and since we’ve been supermarket free this is the cheapest we have found them. So we purchased everything shown below plus milk and sugar for making the cordial.

shopping and waste 1

shopping and waste 2Now this doesn’t seem like much food but the truth is we are somehow very very food rich at the moment. Grandad Gray has provided us with a host of awesome homegrown fruit and vegetables. The chickens must be enjoying the heat as we can’t eat eggs fast enough! And…… Somehow the pantry is really well stocked. In conclusion we have got this no supermarket shopping nailed!

We need to tidy the pantry (again) and then plan to do a batch cook using what we have. This journey has been incredible and we seriously wonder what we did with all the food we used to buy each week?? Our only conclusion is we must have wasted an awful lot- for this we feel very guilty. Of all of the benefits to come out of this experiment food waste being cut to zero has got to be one of our favourite parts. It just shows if you box clever there is not a need to throw perfectly good food in the bin. Whether limp vegetables are made into curry, soup or quiche or passed its best fruit is made into crumble, smoothies or muffins there is always a way and this not only stops food waste but it saves you money! So if on reading this you know you have a fridge lurker or two set yourself the challenge to make something tasty with them. We promise you will feel a warm fuzzy feeling and earn to right to be proud of yourself.

shopping and waste 3The other thing we’ve learnt is to only use what you actually will eat – bring on the guilt vegetables and salad! You what? Well we shall explain…., imagine you are making dinner and as part of this nutritious dish you are serving vegetables or salad. Well you know really how many pieces of broccoli you will use – for arguments sake lets say two pieces per head but…… in order to make yourself feel better and like you eat a healthy diet you actually cook 4 pieces per head which doesn’t get eaten and could end up as food waste! Guilt vegetables! Our theory at Team Pugh HQ is its much better to admit the amount you do eat and not waste the rest but…… enter here the psychology. So the two pieces feels like you’re being less healthy and technically you should eat the 4 pieces but if you had 2 pieces of broccoli  and say a large spoon of sweetcorn you are eating more veg but not wasting the guilt broccoli? No idea if this makes sense but it’s helped us and we’ve cut food waste, eat a varied diet, have saved money and lost weight. Anyways give it some thought and when you cook just cook what you need…… Unless you are doing what we sometimes do and cook more to make intentional leftovers for the next meal! Gosh this has all got very complex…………

Over and out!shopping and waste 4


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  1. You two have had such an amazing food journey and learnt so much. I agree, since I have switched to a weekly vegbox and local butchers I don’t buy things I don’t need. I make jams and chutneys, soups etc with anything left and of course there is very little plastic packaging to deal with so that is a benefit to the environment. It has opened up my eyes and Im sure many others have stopped and thought about a simpler way of life….and of course the best thing has been getting to know a lovely little family from Faringdon!

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