Cung Cung

Now as you may recall from yesterday we were given a good stash of blackcurrants which we mostly turned into jam! But….. we still had 368 grams left so…… we decided to also have a go at making some blackcurrant cordial, or as when Becksie was a little bit older than Lizzie is now as she used to call it Cung Cung!cung cung 3

Now there are a million recipes around for blackcurrant cordial so Becksie did what she does and did some research until she came up with her very own cut and shut version. So may we present Becksie’s Cung Cung aka Blackcurrant cordial! Enjoy!

Take 368grams of black currants!

Add 200mls of water

Boil up until all the fruit is soft. As you mix mush the fruit up as much as possible.

In a bucket get 500mls of boiling water, 500grams of sugar, 15 elderflower heads, 2 oranges zested and juiced, 50 grams of citric acid.cung cung 5

cung cung 1Stir until sugar has dissolved.

cung cung 6Add the blackcurrant mix . Cover with a tea towel and allow to infuse for 24 – 48 hours

Strain through a jelly bag. Unless you’re a member of Team Pugh at which point one of Lizzie’s old muslins and a contraption made by Ian will do.


Dilute to taste.


2 thoughts on “Cung Cung

  1. Looks good! But am a total “tea bag” when it comes to drinks! On another subject following your example I received my napkin for The Napkin Project yesterday and have got together two other friends who are going to do it too. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Have already started on a design, but it needs tweaking, I’m looking forward to the embroidering I haven’t done it in so so long.

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