34 years

Becksie’s parents (aka Grandad and Mammar Gray) have been married for 34 years today! Wow what an achievement! What an inspiration!

mum and dad 1Ian and Becksie have very nearly been married for two years and already in those two years there has been a million occasions where both parties have been frustrated and entered into ‘polite’ discussion with the other so……. goodness knows how many times this has occurred in 34 years!!

So…… what do you get to celebrate such an occasion? Well google tells us traditionally 34 years is your opal anniversary so……….as we can’t afford a beautiful collection of gem stones or a new foreign Vauxhall, it’s easy ……..starbursts (are they opal fruits to everyone else still too)!!!!!mum and dad 3

And as starbursts aren’t exactly all that exciting we also got them a scratchcard each in the vague hope they’d win loads of money and remember their darling children……….mum and dad 2

Boooo……. it didn’t work (as in they didn’t win not that they forgot who we are).

And just so they weren’t too sad when they lost we (well Becksie) made a batch of french breakfast muffins.

As the weather was so lovely (again…… we think we’ve found the summer) we all sat in the garden and a certain small person had a heap of fun in her paddling pool – some bigger people may have also joined in.

mum and dad 4

As an extra bit of fun Ian decided to make Lizzie a homemade sprinkler to play with (although we realised after we could have used Grandad’s proper sprinkler but…… where’s the fun in that). So……… in case you fancy making a cheap and fun summer toy or…… if you need a sprinkler to help with your gardening then…….. here is what you need and how to do it!

Take an old plastic bottle with a screw-top lid.mum and dad 6

Make a hole in the lid just big enough for your hose end to fit through.mum and dad 5

Use a heated skewer or a very sharp object to pierce holes all over one side of the bottle (the smaller the holes the higher the sprinkles).mum and dad 7

Push the end of a hosepipe through the hole in the lid.

mum and dad 8Screw it to the bottle.

Turn on the tap and……

mum and dad 9Voila!!!

PS – make sure you check you’re not subject to a hosepipe ban ๐Ÿ˜‰

PPS – Best to get a responsible adult to help with this make


10 thoughts on “34 years

  1. Inspirational indeed! I have been married for about the same time as you (the royal couple stole OUR wedding date :p ) and we too have two sets of great examples in front of us. My parents will also have been married for 34 years this year (in August) and I love your pressie ideas :p (don’t worry, will not steal them!) Hope your parents have had a great day Becksie ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Congratulations to Mammar and Grandad – Daisy’s Grandad and I reach 32 years in a a few weeks time. We were married 10 days after another Royal couple and like to think we did rather better than they did!! I had no idea that 34 years is an ‘opal’ anniversary, must remember that as it’s my birthstone too!! Love the presents (yes, they are still Opal Fruits!) and the make.

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