Shopping, Dropping and Stopping

So this week’s shopping weighed in at an impressive £31.67p. Not bad at all. Now…….. as you know we normally take photos of the shopping and this week was no exception but as Becksie was having one of those days where everything turned to ‘dog dog do’ the photos have not come out all that well. So all we have to offer this the one below and…… if you look very closely you might even see our smallest member reaching for the cheese! So more money for the saving pot and more support for local

Yesterday evening after a jolly nice meal with family and friends we went for a little walk up to the famous Faringdon Folly, the last Folly to be built in the UK no less. Now Lizzie has her shoes and has got used to them she wants to walk everywhere, and wanted to walk all the way up the hill to the Folly, which she did, although we did have a few rest stops, a couple of stops to pick up sticks and a very sad/momentous/important moment – Lizzie dropped down onto her knees and got her first ever graze and scabby knee! Ian was very proud and thought that it was a sure sign that Lizzie was a proper big little girl (although he was a bit sad for Lizzie), Becksie was very sad for Lizzie and Lizzie was basically not bothered at all, got up, dusted herself off and set off walking again – we think she will need this kind of spirit with Ian’s carefree sense of adventure!dropping

And so stopping…….we were discussing today about what to do when our year is at an end. We can either give up on the whole shenanigan, keep up with the whole shenanigan or move to a middle ground (that we know a lot of you are at) and go to the butchers, grocers or market and get some of our dry goods etc. from the supermarket. Truth be told we are not really sure what to do, we definitely will not go back to the supermarket for all of our food but perhaps there are some dry goods that are available in supermarkets that cannot be so easily sourced locally, that said we have survived so far without them so do we actually need any of them at all or would we just be buying for buying’s sake? We are really not sure, please do feel free to offer your suggestions!


16 thoughts on “Shopping, Dropping and Stopping

  1. I think a middle ground is the best option, that way you are still helping local businesses but not sacrificing anything…some things I just cannot buy cheaper/find at all locally so a monthly big supermarket shop works for me and I still get the enjoyment of visiting my local shops through the week.

  2. How about setting up a local food co op for those dried foods u find difficult to get hold of so that you can buy in bulk and share with your local community?

  3. Ooh it’s a tough one but I want to say don’t stop because I like your blog!! But my own selfish reasons aside, do whatever feels right for you, it always sounds like you have fun and enjoy shopping but maybe there are things you need. Don’t worry about stoping yet. I think you’d hate going into a big supermarket again!

    • Thank you – good advice – I’m sure we’ll keep posting – we are now so used to blogging and…… we’d miss the writing and the drive it provides – although maybe a few weeks off in Nov

  4. I’d be really sad to see you go after a year!!! It is also very inspiring to see someone not using a supermarket but there are some things that they are ok at. Loo roll for example, in cirencester the only other place to get loo roll is at the organic shop, and I can’t afford that, so supermarkets do make sense for some things. Its just the tricks they do to make you buy more. I had to buy 3 rolls of greaseproof paper cos it was cheaper than one, but it’ll take ages till they’re used up. Then there’s the clothes and the lovely spotting PJ trousers I couldn’t resist last week. I might only go in for loo roll, but I’ll come out having spent £20 on things I can’t resist and ‘bargains’ when I only wanted one thing!

  5. I think whatever works for you cant be a bad thing, but even if you do find yourself vering back towards supermarkets, dont beat yourself up about it. Personally I dont think you will, but you wont be letting anybody down if you do, its what works best for you. This experiment has changed you and the way you think about what you buy adn you wont forget that. :o)

    • Good advice to not beat ourselves up – you know us well (well Becksie) I think the day I go into a supermarket I will feel like a criminal

  6. An interesting question. When do you go back to work after your maternity leave, Becksie? You may find that upon returning to work you are busier and so don’t have time to go to local shops/markets for everything (which is sad, but a fact of life for many – as a previous commenter pointed out on an older post here, opening hours are the peril of the average worker).

    I also had another completely random question for you that arose as I was reading this post: what do you guys drink? I ask because we rarely/never seem to see any tea, coffee, wine, beer etc forming part of your weekly shop. If you don’t drink these things, is it for budget or health reasons? Or simply because you don’t enjoy the taste? Have your habits with regard to what you drink changed since you went supermarket free or have you always consumed relatively small amounts of these items?

    • I have already returned to a job and it is still working fine 🙂
      We drink lots of water because it is good for us. We buy tea and coffee but only as and when and make occasional drinks such as huge batches of cordial which we freeze. We also buy the occasional bottle of squash but…… try to drink water. I guess we’ve never been big sugary drink consumers but we do buy and drink even less of these since ditching the supermarkets.

      • Glad to hear you are still managing to juggle it all even with the demands of work 🙂 That is more than most of us manage 🙂

        I guess from the sounds of it that alcohol doesn’t figure much in your lives then? To be fair we don’t buy much either…not big beer drinkers and when we buy wine it has to be a good bottle. Would love to hear about all your cordial-making adventures 🙂

      • We don’t include alcohol in the shopping as we buy it so little we decided not to include it but….. don’t fear we get it from local shops 🙂

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