A Day In The life Of Kevin The Chicken

Kevin 56.00 am

The sun is out. I am awake. I am making noise. No human comes to let me out. What are they doing that is more important?

7.00 am

Still no human. No food. At least there is water. The other chickens are getting in my way. Where is the human?

8.00 am

Human! Finally! With food! Pellets, corn, lettuce, and some potato. Yum!Kevin 3

10.00 am

It is very hot today. Time for a potter back into the coop. Can’t remember how to get back into the coop, there seems to be a wire fence in the way. Oh. Yes. I remember there is an open door somewhere…..

12.00 pm

Why does Sharon keep following me? How can I find that worm I saw yesterday without her getting it if she keeps following me?

2.00 pm

Stood watching Sharon try to escape, great fun, why won’t she listen when I tell her I have tried it all before?

4.00 pm

Feel a bit funny, wonder what it could be?

4.30 pm

Oh yes, I remember what that was, time for that egg thing to be laid. Where do they always disappear to I wonder?kevin 2

6.00 pm

Other humans arrive, with food! Man and small human turn up with pot of corn and pellets mmmmm! Little human is getting much better at throwing them out to us instead of back in the box too.kevin 4

7.30 pm

I am sooooo tired. I get a bit grouchy when I am tired. I might peck at my chicken buddies when I get a bit ratty. They seem to understand though, well actually they just return the favour

9.00 pm

Time for bed, apparently. Man comes to herd us back into the pen. I show my happiness at this herding by pecking his toes. He tells me to be nice and that his toes are not worms. I know this, I do it to annoy him.kevin 1

9.30 pm

Where did that egg thing go? How does it keep moving from where I lay it? I must try and find out tomorrow…………………


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