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For those of you who were wondering how we are getting on with painting our patio furniture the answer is…………….not very well.
chairs 5Unfortunately we have realised that we can sit on it in its current state, without the need to paint it, and in this lovely weather and with a small person toddling about there are much more exciting things to do! We really will try hard to get it done before it is time to put them away for winter though!
chairs 4The utility room is progressing at tortoise pace (which is slightly quicker than snail’s pace, but nowhere near hare’s pace), although it is most definitely getting there. We have worktop, we have cupboards, we have doors on cupboards (which was harder than you could possibly imagine) and we have some pipes boxed in, now just a bit of painting and a bit more boxing in and we are away!
All this means Ian has been mentally ticking things off his mental to-do list, which has been getting shorter and shorter…………until he got home to find the next Team Pugh challenge waiting in the kitchen!
chairs 3Becksie, the intrepid bargain hunter she is sniffed out a good deal on some nice old dining chairs to replace ours which are a bit too new and shiny pine for the look we are trying to achieve in the kitchen (well the whole house really). chairs 2These 4 old dining chairs came in at the princely sum of………….just £10 for the lot – bargain!chairs 1 Ian did contemplate keeping the 4 extra chairs as ‘emergency chairs’, however even with his hoarding tendencies he thought 4 emergency chairs we probably too many seen as we already have 2 emergency dining chairs in the shed from an old table and we also have 4 good (if unpainted) wooden garden chairs and 4 emergency wooden garden chairs (which we are not even going to pretend we will get round to painting). However, if we pop the old ones on a popular online auction website we may even recoup the cost of the new ones!



So, what’s the project then? Well…….one of the chairs is unpainted, so needs a good undercoat, then painting and the others need a bit of gluing in places and a bit of a sand and re-paint, but we are sure they will look the bees’ knees! On getting them home Beckise did notice that the unpainted one is slightly smaller than the other 3, but if we hide that one in the corner we don’t think anyone will notice…………

Ironically we now have 4 white chairs and 4 brown chairs its just….. in the wrong order!

We hope you make the most of the evening sunshine!!!


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  1. Hi Pughs, glad to see the utility room really coming together now, well done Ian! Don’t worry about the outdoor chairs use them now! A few years ago we cleaned and reoiled ours in about early June…BIG mistake! Couldn’t sit on them for most of the summer without sticking to them!
    One slight problem I have about your dining chairs Becksie is, instead of buying the new to you old ones to paint, why didn’t you just rub the pine ones down and paint those? Or am I missing the point somewhere? more than probable! Hope you are enjoying the warm(hot) weather and its not making Lizzie too tired and grumpy.

    • Hiya – sorry we have got hugely behind on the comments front…… I blame the sun 😉
      Indeed we could have sanded our chairs but…… they have never really looked right in this house as they are too big and they weren’t our first choice. we got them in exchange for a bottle of wine about 8 years ago so we decided that as the new ones were so cheap we could justify it. But……. we have sold the others to a good home so all’s well that ends well

  2. The new chairs look lovely. Get Ian to tell you about the time he sat on the back of one of ours!

  3. Love the new kitchen chairs. Get Ian to tell you about the time he sat on the back of one of ours.

  4. Ooooohhh how lovely!! I do love secondhand (or more hands!) furniture. My house is full of bargains gained secondhand over the years!! Its a bit like avoiding supermarkets, except you’re avoiding modern furniture shops which would be a very expensive way to furnish a house x

  5. I put up a comment earlier and it seems to have got lost in the air! It went something like this!
    Hi family Pugh, lovely to see your utility coming on so well, good work Ian.Not rushing, doing it right that’s the way! Enjoy your outdoor furniture, paint it to put away ready for next year….we once made BIG mistake, rubbed ours down and re-oiled it in about June…..couldn’t use rest of summer cos too sticky! The next year it was fine.
    One thought on your new kitchen chairs, and I may be missing the point here, but couldn’t you have rubbed down the chairs you think are too good/nice, for the look you want, and painted them instead of buying the old/new to you ones? Or perhaps they were too pretty with the fancy spindles and you wanted plainer ones. Not criticising your purchases Becksie just confused, as usual!!! And really should just keep quiet and mind my own business.
    Many more happy warm/hot days and hope they are not making Lizzie tired or grumpy. 😎

  6. you are good at getting a bargin I will buy your shiney chairs from you don’t bother putting them on line I have a good home for them xx

  7. Our wooden kitchen chairs in our little cottage kitchen I inherited from my parents, who bought them to furnish their first house and painted them all bright red! they are red to this day and they are awsome, and everybody comments. Whist it suits our kitchen, I’m not sure red’s going to look too subtle with your colour scheme!!

  8. Save sanding, priming and painting by using chalk paint (Annie sloan is the best) gives a fab finish, can be easily distressed if you want the country look. A tin is about £17 but will last agggggeeesss!

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