Hot Hot Hot

sun Wow it is hot hot hot! This makes us happy happy happy! It also means we don’t feel hugely inspired to cook or…… even eat let alone write about it. mint 1So…….. we thought we’d share a really simple recipe which makes fresh fruit even more refreshing on such a hot day.

It really couldn’t be simpler. You will need a good handful of mint and…….a dessertspoon of sugar.

mint 4Put the sugar and the mint in a pestle and mortar and pound it until you have a lovely green sugary paste.

mint 3

mint 5Chop up your desired fruit (we got some strawberries a £1.00 a punet at the farm yesterday) so….. we’re using strawberries, raspberries and grapes. Sprinkle the minty sugar on the fruit and enjoy. #summer

mint 6Ps – this is a Team Pugh favourite and works well with most fruits. 


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  1. Now that’s my sort of recipe for a hot summer’s day, no weighing and measuring and it sounds fab too! I also have far too much mint in the garden, it’s threatening to take over the border! Thanks team Pugh x

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