5 things we have learnt today

5 things 2Well it’s extremely hot today and so…… we have been making the most of it! Firstly we went to see the lovely folks at Southdown Farm and then we had a picnic with some lovely friends! A delightful day.5 things 1

Before all this Ian took Lizzie for a little walk down to the library, got Lizzie some books out, including the very hungry caterpillar (which Ian doesn’t think he has ever read – by this Becksie is very shocked) and let her read it whilst we walked round town.5 things 7

5 things 6We had a spot of lunch and headed over to Southdown Farm, which looked glorious in the sunshine and the animals were all basking in the sun. we had a tour around from and a good chat with the owners followed by strawberries and delicious goats’ cream. We got up close with their young goats, who like to nibble everything in sight, even Ian’s arm, much to Lizzie’s amusement. 5 things 5

We then went off for our picnic, as we headed off to find somewhere pretty and shady we came across a sign for the charmingly named Foxburrow Wood. We stopped, we parked, we walked to the wood and…………………it was more a series of fields. The information board seemed to suggest a wooded path and then a tree lined meadow, so we walked a little further, until Ian realised we were surrounded by trees, it was just they were 3 foot tall saplings. A further information board suggested that we were in fact 25 years too early for our lush tree lined meadow, we shall have to remember to go back when it has all grown!

Still, we found a nice spot in a field, with some shade, and enjoyed a delightful picnic in the warm evening air, ate good food, drank some homemade elderflower cordial and had a jolly good time, some dog dogs even came over to say hello to Lizzie.

And so a lovely, and also educational day, back to the title of this post there here are 5 things we have learnt today:

1) Turkey’s combs/gobbley bits go bright red when they are stressed, and go back to their natural blue colour when they have calmed down.5 things 3

2) It is a bad idea to let your child read library books in their buggy whilst walking round town – Lizzie dropped the book at an unknown location and having retraced his steps Ian had to sheepishly go back to the Library to see if someone had handed it in, thankfully someone had!

3) Ian has taught Lizzie to roar like a lion, and also to tip her milk cup into her cereal bowl when it had gone a little dry, which at lunchtime nearly led to milky soup – bad idea Dad.

4) It takes around 25 years to grow a successful mature woodland.

5) Fresh goats’ cream tastes delicious – well worth trying if you get the chance!


7 thoughts on “5 things we have learnt today

  1. Like Becksie I can’t believe Ian has never read The Hungry Caterpillar! It’s usually most children’s fav book especially if you have a copy where the wings unfold on the last page to make the butterfly! Children love making up other things that the caterpillar could have eaten (you can see I was an infant teacher) ! It’s lovely to see that Lizzie is meeting so many lovely animals, at least she will know where her food comes from, there are too many children who have no idea of the cycle of farming! I could have told you that goats cream was lovely, we drink the milk all the time and its made such a difference to my health. Glad you enjoyed your picnic in some shade, that’s where I’ve been trying to keep to all day!

  2. I hope Ian reads The Very Hungry Caterpillar lots of times with Lizzie to make up for having been deprived as a child! We also loved The Very Clumsy Click Beetle and The Very Quiet Cricket, but the Hungry Caterpillar is the best 🙂

  3. Loved the photograph of the muddy piggies. I’ve just returned to my allotment after a year, my friend Elaine is helping with the donkey work, we were enjoying our picnic listening to the birds, we could hear sparrows blackbirds and long tailed tits, the l.t.t.s flew past us into the damson tree picking the bugs of the branches. A cheeky robin followed us around eating the insects we stirred up what a day in the city of Nottingham! I revisited my old home in Linclonshire a few years after we’d left to find trees and bushes that had grown up in our absence it was a pleasant surprise. Your walk one day will grow up into a beauty.

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