Shopping Stats – week 34

We’ve only gone and done it again…….. got to the end of the week and forgotten to blog about this week’s shopping!shopping 1 This week we decided on a mid week trip to Millets farm as we fancied some frozen peas. The total shop came in at £28.80. shopping 2We even got some of Ian’s favourite cheese (well one of them, remember we are a family of cheese lovers) – Bowland is sort of like Christmas pudding in a cheese and for someone who knows a lot about Christmas pudding it is a brilliant idea. Yes that’s right folks, we can’t think if we’ve ever mentioned this before but… Ian used to work in a Christmas Pudding factory and was a regular (errrm daily) member of the tasting panel. Anyway we digress. We were very pleased with our shop and have been eating tasty feasts all week. This week we didn’t buy any meat as we have plenty in the freezer. The further we go with this project the less meat we eat – not that we don’t buy it or eat it regularly just that what we do eat we make go further as we have said before – less really is more.

So some shopping stats……

Week 34

With a £50 budget per week we could have spent a total of £1700 on food (and cleaning products)

We have actually spent £1236.95

Giving us a total saving so fr of £463.05

An average weekly shop of £36.38

Not bad given that our average weekly shop in the supermarket (in the days before Lizzie) was £50 in a ‘big’ shop plus (we cringe as we write this) £30 (approx per week) of those pesky top us shops – you know a sandwich here, a pizza there, milk shop that ends up costing £15.00.

Our conclusion we are still happy local shoppers.

In other news the  lovely weather led us to treat Lizzie to her first ice cream out and about…………… it was uber messy! Oh well. Happy weekend 4


7 thoughts on “Shopping Stats – week 34

  1. forget about peas they are evil frozen or fresh stick to a more reliable veg like cabbage or parsnips you know where you are with them xx

  2. I do love being nosy and seeing what you have in your shopping basket Becksie!!…all looks lovely and gorgeous healthy veg…..Im finding too that I use a lot less meat in my cooking….I do a lovely veg stew with potatoes, swedes, carrots, parsnips onions…well anything you have to hand really. Add pearl parley a couple of oxo cubes and a handful of oatmeal to thicken it up…..the pearl barley looks like mince in the gravy and you honestly wont even notice that there is no meat at all in it! Sometimes do herby mustardy dumplings with it as well…..sooo good!

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