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exclamation 1Yesterday we blogged a recipe for a black forest wet cake which we called a gateaux……we got it wrong, apparently we should have called it a gateau! We are of course terrible awful humans and this will of course have most definitely earned us a spot in spelling and grammar hell! We are sorry 😦

In fact this is not our first offence, we often get our grammar and spelling wrong and we thought for those of you it upsets we’d offer a) an apology and b) some sort of explanation.

Ok here goes……

We are truly sorry. We know in the context of this post there is a danger that this could come across as sarcastic but it really isn’t meant to. We know spelling and grammar are very very important and if spelling and grammar are your thing our little blog probably drives you wild with anger, for this we are sorry.

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Having apologised we will now go ahead and try to explain ourselves. The question on everyone’s lip is why? Well there are a few reasons.

In at number one is time! As regular readers will know we post every day. This means that every day we have to think of new material, organise the taking of relevant photos and actually write the content which we try really hard to ensure is between 300 and 1500 words. This is alongside Ian working full-time, Becksie looking after Lizzie, cooking everything from scratch, working (very) part time, running a WI, running sewing events, cleaning our house, trying to knit, reading a book for review etc etc……… we are basically time poor!We fully understand doing this is our choice but we wanted to show why we sometimes get it wrong.

Freegan 1

It does also go a little deeper than being time poor. Becksie is and always has been RUBBISH at spelling and grammar and after years of teachers dashing red marks over her books actually has quite a confidence issue with spelling and grammar. She is the kind of person who gets sweaty if someone asks for a spelling to be shouted out! It’s not that she can’t spell or ‘do’ the grammar thing she’s just so unconfident with it she thinks she can’t and gets in a tizzy. Truth be told for a long time Becksie really wanted to write but didn’t because of her label as a poor speller and grammar person. After realising this was silly Becksie writes 80% of the content on A Year Without Supermarkets and Ian checks it and gently and kindly changes Becksie’s mistakes. As mentioned he works full-time in a busy job, comes home and is a daddy who has 1000 house jobs to do and is still renovating our utility room on zero pennies and as a consequence misses some of Becksie’s mistakes.

On the nights when Ian writes the blog this means Becksie becomes the editor which is on the whole a joke as…… she wouldn’t notice any mistakes.

So their (*there – little joke and as Aunty Leah often says ‘sometimes you gotta take a little joke’) you have it an apology and an explanation. We will of course try harder to correct mistakes but……….. we also feel that they are actually a part of our charm.Β Β  We shall now explain.

Although this blog might on the surface be about not shopping in supermarkets – which it is, as time has gone on it has actually become more to some people and indeed more to us. Supermarkets have become (to us) a representation of modern life. They enable the whole ‘I do this because this is what people do’. Stepping away from them has given us a real insight into society and has changed us. We have increased our confidence to be different by being ourselves. In being different and actually ourselves we have also found HUGE happiness. In having less we have found much much more. This blog (rubbish spelling and grammar an’ all) have really changed us and we also get some amazing emails from people saying this project has touched them in many different ways. We don’t share this side of what this blog has done because this magic is often deeply personal. This blog has given us (and others) the confidence and the energy to find who they truly are, a quest many die trying to do.exclamation 2

So……. we are sorry for our mistakes but just like the exclamation marks,Β the odd few will stay as they reflect us and when Lizzie (who of course will take after daddy in the spelling and grammar stakes) looks back she will know we were being ourselves.


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  1. I am also of an age where we had grammar and spelling drummed into us from five years old up to ‘A’ levels so if I was reading this blog as a literary masterpiece or a piece from The Times I could nit-pick too, but it is not written as a piece of literature, it is written as a chatty little blog of everyday life.

    When I read it Becka, I read it as if I can hear your lovely voice and we are talking on the phone. Take no notice of the nit-pickers and those who consider themselves better than others. Just carry on being yourselves.

    • Thank you – spelling and grammar aren’t my favorite thing but I do try my hardest πŸ™‚ As we’ve said before this blog is just us but online πŸ™‚

  2. As a member of the Grammar Police, I feel the need to speak up.
    Becksie, I’ve been reading your blog for several months now, and even though I notice the occasional slip-up, I’ve seen much, much worse. When I read your blog, I see you care about your writing. I like your voice, which is really more important than perfect spelling and grammar.
    Besides, I have a blog too. I try to update daily, but don’t always succeed at that. And believe me, I make my own mistakes there. Yes, the time issue. There’s simply not enough hours in a day for me to be able to check all my writing and to make sure it’s all 100% perfect.
    There. Their. They’re. πŸ˜€

  3. Just had to say, love your blog just the way it is and although I didn’t think it was necessary have loved just reading your ” apology”………..hope you will continue just the way you are…….
    Best Wishes to all,
    Tracey xx

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  4. πŸ™‚ Well said!! I love your daily blogs for the content, I don’t even notice anything else so you carry on as you are!!!!!!!!! Xxx

  5. I think that there is a time and a place for being critical of spelling & grammar, and frankly, a blog which someone has voluntarily come to read is not that place! Could I respectfully suggest that if this blog offends the self appointed Grammar Police to the extent that they feel a constant need to comment, perhaps they might return quietly to their own (no doubt immaculate) blog and stop getting at other folks? Please? Ta muchly!

  6. Well said Team-Pugh. I suppose it is difficult if you are a pedantic person to accept that others are not as scrupulous as yourself when it comes to grammar. The whole point of ‘A Year Without’ is that it is an amazing journey which you have been open enough to share with the world. To write what you have on a daily basis is truly a magnificent achievement.I used to do a monthly magazine article for a glossy mag. (Shiny Paper Magazine), this was always a pressure. As my Editor once told me, after he struggled with my syntax and spelling, it’s your knowledge and enthusiasm I pay for not your English degree.
    Gateau for it.

  7. My thoughts and feeling reflect those above, its the context of you blog I love – the grammar etc are not what I visit this blog for (in fact to me they are irrelevant), I love the way you write, its like we are sitting down sharing a cuppa. Your warmth and friendliness are what matters, (not if you have too many exclamation marks etc).
    Dont change a thing Team Pugh, you are fabulous just the way you are.

  8. Joke taken and apology accepted of course :p (Even though, as others said below, it was not necessary for you to apologise.)

    I also feel I ought to explain my comment (it is Ferret here, but cannot log in from Blackberry for some reason) – I’m an English teacher so often can’t help myself, even when I’m ‘off duty’! High standards of spelling and grammar are my pride and joy, especially on my own blogs (sad, I know!), so while I try to bite my tongue, occasionally I can’t stop myself. This too is a fault, and as you point out, we are all human πŸ™‚

    Despite my comment, please don’t think I don’t enjoy your blog (in spite of your commenter above who seems to think that my being pedantic means I couldn’t possibly enjoy reading it!). I find your journey and challenge admirable and not one most people could do (or would even try to undertake…although I’m sure you’re inspiring many to do so!). Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  9. Everyone has said how I feel and well done Ferret/Bianca for accepting the apology and apologising. Also for coming clean about why! Daisy’s Grandad is a bit of a grammar freak to the extent that he was so notorious for it in the office (when he went to an office) he was asked to write a history of his firm so is a published author!!

    One way round it would be to write your post in Word, spell check and then cut and paste. The other is to just ignore the snipers and carry on being the lovely people you are!!!

    PS Hope Lizzie’s better and enjoying her new shoes! xx

      • It is good advice πŸ™‚ Not least because blogs/the internet are apt to swallow epic posts right after you’ve written them! By typing in Word first, you avoid losing your work πŸ™‚

      • Well when Lizzie reads this page of comments back in years to come she’s going to have a good chuckle at what has become known as gateauxgate at Team Pugh HQ. Oh very dear!

  10. Don’t worry about it! The whole strength of this blog is the creativity, and new way of life it’s generated in so many of us, just look how many read your work every day and how we’ve all benefitted from it and seen that we don’t have to be slaves to supermarkets or any other idea for that matter. I’ve often thought whoever standardised spelling got it wrong anyway, whoever thought to spell the name keith with an ith? Anybody can see that it should be keef! Dr Samuel Johnson, are you responsible?

    Anyway, I like personalised spelling, not only cos its free of rules but also cos I wouldn’t know a split infinitive if it jumped up and hit me on the face!

    I love your blog just the way it is, and it is a brilliant achievement and something for your little brood (cos I’m sure there will be more than one) to look back on in years to come x

    • I won’t get into why/how F and TH are actually different sounds (hence the different spellings!)…you’re tangling with my master’s degree in linguistics now :p

      • Not really, spabbygirl! It’s to do with the shape the mouth actually makes and the position the tongue is actually in when making those two sounds. I know accents do make some difference but normally it shouldn’t mangle the difference between F and TH completely.

        (sorry…you did ask :p )

  11. I missed reading this blog yesterday (I was otherwise engaged at Wembley stadium watching Robbie Williams!). Pughs stay just as you are! A lovely family doing family things in a way that makes you all happy. That’s what life should be! Home is where your heart is goes the saying, and I know yours has a lot of heart. You don’t need to justify yourselves, you are you, no-one else. Carry on being a happy family and thank you for letting us share in a little of it. We are grateful and humble because we know we probably couldn’t do anywhere near as well.

  12. New reader, came across it via Twitter (Napkin Project), signed up to it the other week and can’t wait to start…anyway, I digress. There are worse things in life than making typos’, grammar errors and spelling (unless of course it’s a life or death situation ‘Let’s eat Grandma’). I’m rubbish at it, but then I know I have other strengths and that’s what’s important to me. Ignore them, and carry on. I’ll now bookmark your blog to catch up.

    • Welcome – thank you for stopping by πŸ™‚ You are right we should all stick to our strengths and mine is most definitely not spelling πŸ™‚

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