Sunshine, food and friends

This weekend has seen lots of sunshine, lots of lovely food and……. time spent with some of our lovely friends.

Salad grown by Aunty Georgie who...... doesn't actually like salad

Salad grown by Aunty Georgie who…… doesn’t actually like salad

Yesterday Team Pugh embark on a trip to see Aunty Georgie and Uncle Steve and their dog dog Tiggy in the Forest of Dean. As a gift we took date and pecan muffins and some ground coffee and upon arrival were greeted with a lovely brunch. We then went off to visit a few places Aunty Georgie and Uncle Steve thought Team Pugh would like including a fabulous community shop. food 3

food 2

food 1Then it was a lovely walk in the sunshine in the the lovely forest.

food 4

food 13

Steve will take orders for a custom built table – email us at!

food 6Whilst at the community shop we had got supplies for a bbq which we made and sat at Uncle Steve’s wonderful pallet table.

Homemade flat breads

Homemade flat breads

food 12



It was then home for a lovely sleep.

food 10Only to get up to another day of more sunshine, food and friends. Aunty Mary and Aunty Jill came over and we enjoyed homemade chips, salads, homemade coleslaw and some vension ribs before the main event………food 9 a special gluten free black forest gateaux that Becksie made especially for Aunty Mary,

food 8(she did let us all have some but……. we must confess we all ate it off the big plate).

Recipe coming soon

Recipe coming soon

A yummy, sunshiny and happy weekend with our lovely friends.



6 thoughts on “Sunshine, food and friends

  1. Please please please give me the recipe for that cake!!!!

    I went to a farm shop today…i bought beetroots, sweet potatoes, rocket, strawberries that we had picked and some hideously expensive but VERY tasty anti pasti……..

    I thought of you as i filled my baskets 🙂

  2. Lucky Auntie Mary- I’d have fought you all off with my fork!

    Like Emma I went to a lovely farmshop yesterday. Rectory Farm PYO near Oxford also sells veg (lots of which they grow themselves). Nice cafe too. It’s a bit of a trek for us, but worth it occasionally. I’ve got a tray of ‘jam’ strawberries to be made into fruit leather (and jam) this morning 🙂

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