Summer Treats part 2 – a guest post by Grandad Gray

So yesterday we heard all about the delights of strawberries and today we hand over again to Grandad Gray for a little lesson in how to use all those lovely elderflowers that are growing everywhere! As these are wild Team Pugh can enter into this one as……. it requires no growing skills.

elder 1Grandad Gray it’s over to you………..

elder 2‘Another simple but very tasty product which anyone can make this time of the year is elderflower cordial. I remember we made this for Ian and Rebekah’s (that’s Becksie to our readers) wedding and it went down a real treat. At the moment the elders are in full bloom so it is the ideal opportunity. You will need:

40 elderflowers in full white bloom (shake to remove any insects)

1 kilo bag sugarelder 4

1 lemon (grate rind and mash fruit)elder 3

55grams citric acid

2 litre boiling water

Large clean bowl or bucket

Melt the sugar and citric acid in the boiling water.  Add grated and mashed lemon and elderflowers and stir with wooden spoon. Cover with clean tea towel and leave for 48 hours. Strain (I use jelly bag) and bottle in clean bottles.

This will keep in the fridge for about 3-4 weeks. Just then dilute just as you would orange squash.

I usually freeze many bottles and defrost to use throughout the year. If you freeze do not overfill the bottles as the liquid expands as it freezes. If you buy sparkling water to add to the cordial this is very refreshing. The cordial also makes a great liquor to add to fresh fruit salad.elder 5


20 thoughts on “Summer Treats part 2 – a guest post by Grandad Gray

  1. Thank you Grandad Gray!! I was driving along today thinking about making elderflower cordial but I’ve never done it before!! Now I will…just need to hunt down the elderflower! 🙂 x

  2. That sounds lovely grandad grey! I love elderflowers but like Jenny have never made it before but will now. It’s a lovely thing to have for a wedding, nice and refreshing especially with fizzy water x

  3. you can also pick a few more elder heads clean them make a stiff batter mix heat some oil in a frying pan dip the elder heads in the batter then fry till golden remove to a plate then sprinkle with suger lovely x

  4. You can buy citric acid in smaller chemists and health food shops. When a friend tried to buy some in Boots she was told they couldn’t sell it as it was used in illegal drugs!! I bought a big bag in the health food shop in Devizes.

  5. PS It’s best to find an elderflower bush away from the roadside so that the elderflowers aren’t coated with nasty deposits from the exhausts of passing cars!

  6. For the past few weeks I’ve been looking from my kitchen window at the elderflower tree down the street (which doesn’t appear to belong to anyone). You’ve given me the excuse now to go and pick some flowers (just need to track down the citric acid).

  7. Another vote for elderflower fritters!
    I got my citric acid from an Asian food shop (big chemists also thought I was on drugs) 🙂 Shops that sell brewing supplies should also stock it , though it will be more expensive, and you can substitute tartaric acid but check out how online as it’s not like for like.

    The cordial is also very good with gin…

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