Summer treats – a mini series by Grandad Gray

Grandad Gray's veg patch

Grandad Gray’s veg patch

So……. as you know Team Pugh are #rubbish at gardening! They’d love to have a full garden of produce but……. they just don’t. Grandad Gray on the other hand does. We are very lucky that he is very generous with his crop so we don’t miss out. So for tonight and tomorrow night we hand over to Grandad Gray for a few thoughts and tips on the treats that summer has to offer. Right we’re off to weed the garden HAHA! Grandad it’s over to you………..strawberry 3

‘As I wrote in an earlier guest blog I moved a lawn to gain more veg garden. Partly to do my bit towards A Year Without Supermarkets. One of the bonuses was that having more room to grow veg in I now had a room for a new strawberry patch. Being an experienced gardener I had anticipated this and last Autumn I had propagated a dozen lovely young plants of the variety Pegasus. My original stock plant had come from a National Trust property, Wimpole Hall. There were some plants in a basket which had a note, ’please help yourself’ so I did. This I planted in a litre pot which I kept well watered. This soon made runner which I pegged down. By September I had about 15 strong young plants.strawberry 4 I selected the strongest dozen and planted in situ in November. As first year croppers they each have 8-12 strawberries each around the size of a golf ball.strawberry 2

So we had strawberries with cream, with meringues, with Greek yoghurt and just as they come mmm.strawberry 7

This evening I remembered a treat  my mother used to make in strawberry season so had a go and it was every bit as good as it was then.strawberry 6

Put a plate over a pan of boiling water. Place several cubes of good quality chocolate on the plate and wait until it melts. Place a strawberry on a fork then roll in the melted chocolate. Eat immediately or allow the chocolate to set on the fruit and eat when cool. Both are amazing and so simple.


8 thoughts on “Summer treats – a mini series by Grandad Gray

  1. grandad grey is a legend in his own lunchtime i also would like some strawberry plants we should form a que x

  2. Very jealous of Grandad Grey’s veg patch, its fab, and love the ‘fruit cage’ over the strawberries, mine died over the winter. Oh, and I agree choc covered strawberries are the biz. Loking forward to the next instalment. :o)

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