New shoes

Well today marks a VERY special day in Team Pugh land. Today Lizzie got her first ever shoes!shoes 8

After a trip to a certain well known shoe shop and a good chat with the lovely lady (who was called Jasmine) Lizzie demonstrated her best walking and was declared ready for her first ever 4

We had a good choice of shoes pink, purple and white but after huge fashion discussions we decided that red seemed most Lizzie! And….. It just so happened they were the best 3

What a big girl – how much she has grown from our teeny tiny little wrinkly red baby. How lovely she is overwhelms us everyday. Everyday brings with it new things just as significant as new shoes but somehow this feels like a milestone.

Teeny tiny Lizzie feet

Teeny tiny Lizzie feet

shoes 2

water from a bright green cup and a straw to celebrate

So……. we decided to go out to dinner to celebrate a milestone and what a lovely little girl Lizzie is. Don’t get us wrong its by no means a walk in the park being parents but moments like this outweigh split milk, thrown food and noisy tantrums a million to one.

We know for our readers here in 2013 this is perhaps just a filler post but as we’ve said before one of our big drivers for writing this blog is as a document of Lizzie’s early life.  So……. Lizzie if you’re reading this in the future this is how we feel right now.

shoes 6Mummy – I feel hugely excited to see you in your new and beautiful red shoes. Like you they are gorgeous, shiny and full of sparkle and I know they will take you very 7

Daddy -Well having proper little shoes means your actually a proper little toddler and I can’t wait to take you on lots of adventures and get into mischief. I’ll do my best to keep this set of shoes clean but can’t 5

So there we have it new shoes day 🙂 oh and ……. If you’re a children’s shoe shop owner or maker Lizzie will gladly review your products should you wish to send her a free pair 😉


20 thoughts on “New shoes

  1. What pretty shoes! Lucky Lizzie. Shoes are so much prettier now than they used to be and in lots of colours too, think mine were always Brown and my children wore the same style of summer sandals as I did 30 years before.
    (Unlucky parents you’re now on the treadmill of the new shoes expenses trail! I do hope she doesn’t do what my daughter did and grew whole sizes in a month!)

  2. when my children were young and they got new shoes they refused to take them off – even wanted to wear them in bed!

  3. I remember Jenny and Maggie’s new shoes day very well…it is indeed a milestone day! However, what I love about this post is the chewed domino on the floor and Lizzie’s attempt to chew another one. As a teacher with a love/hate relationship with our education system, I appreciate this subversive reaction and the stand she is making by finding new uses for this educational toy….refusing to be shaped by a world that insists she recognises that 4 dots on one card matches 4 dots on another, she decides to slowly but surely chew the odd dot off here and there…love it…go, Lizzie…don’t let them squash you in to educational submission…resist for as long as you can…chew those dots!!!!! 🙂 🙂 Bobbiexx

  4. “New shoes, new shoes! Red, pink or blue shoes! Tell me which would you choose if you had to buy?”

    Lovely shoes, I’m sure Daisy will have some soon. I still have Daisy’s mummy’s first pair somewhere!!!

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