The ABC of Supermarket-Free – Part 3

Ian's first ABC book

Ian’s first ABC book

So following on from part 1 and part 2 of the Supermarket-Free ABC we have……………..Part 3!!!

Q is for Queues

Once you have finally finished battling the aisles and throngs of other shoppers what awaits the weary supermarket shopper? Rows and rows of people queuing to pay for their shopping. Market shopping, butcher/grocer shopping? More often than not the trader will help you select your items, bag them up and take your money in one fell swoop, no messing and definitely no queuing!

R is for Rationing

As you know our challenge is not just about living supermarket free but also shopping to a budget. Sometimes (such as when we were doing live below the line or a £25 shop week) this meant a bit of careful planning and rationing. Did we suffer? No. Was it hard to not be able to eat whatever we wanted? Yes but – it is amazing how you manage with what you have when you have to!

S is for Shopping

Shopping is no longer a chore, more an adventure, a fun filled trip where you set out with no idea what you will end up with and what you will make with it. Supermarket free shopping is like stepping from a washed-out warehouse into a colourful shopping paradise!ABC pt 3 2

T is for Trolleys

One of the supermarket’s better contributions – local shopping can mean a bit of carrying and makes for strong arms – our top tip – have a baby and get a buggy with storage space underneath! If this is not a practical solution for you those 4 wheeled push along trolleys could do the trick!

U is for Umbrella

Sometimes if you shop at the market it rains. Sometimes you need an umbrella. It is usually a good idea to pop one in a bag or (if you follow our top tip) your buggy! Rain may sometimes be a bit of a pain but it does make the atmosphere feel fresh, which is far nicer any day than a large stuffy supermarket!ABC pt 3 4

V is for Vegetables (of course)

Not only can one get a far wider range of veg from local shopping the produce is on the whole fresher, tastier and has travelled far less miles to find you. Local veg usually has a bit of mud still on, which  helps lock in the flavour, and often does not conform to EU shape guidelines (a bit knobbly, wonky or oversized), which means you know these funny shaped veg are not simply being discarded as they likely would be for sale to supermarkets.

W is for Wash Nuts

Wash nuts are a bit of a revelation at Team Pugh HQ, and coupled with various other cleaning products we have made ourselves have formed a cleaning revolution! The wash nuts are environmentally friendly, easy to use, great value and make the washing smell amazing!ABC pt 3 3

X is for Xanthan gum

Xylitol and all other additives and chemicals that are added to processed food to flavour and preserve it. All of these things have been well tested to make sure they are safe for humans we know, but who wants to put unnecessary chemicals in their body? Scratch cooking with good local food means only the goodness that nature intended!

Y is for Yeast

Becksie, being the keen baker she is uses quite a bit of yeast. Very easy to buy from the supermarket in dried form, easy to find in local stores in dried form still but also available fresh from our lovely local bakery for…………….a very reasonable price! Fresh yeast is amazing, easy to use and produces much nicer bread!

Z is for Zest

Many recipes call for the zest of a lemon, many recipes call for the juice of a lemon, many drinks call for a slice of lemon in them. That is a lot of lemons, or just one lemon, used to its maximum potential. We zest lemons a lot, we then put them in the fridge. We then use the juice in something, and the flesh in something else. Once that is all done with the chickens (who are developing a taste for them) get the rest of the fruit to peck at. Although you don’t have to be supermarket-free to make the most of each item you buy, by taking the time to meet the people who grow, sell and love the produce you develop more appreciation for all that you buy and a sense of responsibility to eat it, enjoy it and make the most out of it!ABC pt 3 1

So there you go, part 3 completed, all the difficult letters covered and not a xylophone or zebra in sight!!


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  1. Well done for getting through the tricky letters. :o)
    Btw, brewers yeaat (also kown as yeast flakes) are yummy with butter on toast – Think marmite. Yum!

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