Brilliance in Blogging Awards

So…….on Friday night while you were reading some exciting facts about Team Pugh (we are fully aware it is more likely you were doing something much for interesting) Becksie went to London!

This was London on a previous trip but....... you get the idea!

This was London on a previous trip but……. you get the idea!

After a manic day and lots (well probably a total of 45 minutes) of time spent stressing about what to wear and having TERRIBLE hair Becksie boarded a train and set off on her way to attend the Brilliance in Blogging award ceremony.

After successfully navigating the tube (a huge achievement) Becksie met Jen (you know the lady who is making do and mending). Before we tell you about this bit a very quick note on…… why solo tube navigation is such a high achievement. Well………. firstly you need to understand how to know which way is north, south, east and west. Becksie simply doesn’t. Then you have to know which way to turn and which platform to be on. Becksie REALLY doesn’t get this bit. Oh and…….. It’s really hot and your expected to make these north / south platform type decisions REALLY fast in order to keep up with the other folk. Yikes! And…… To top it all off you’ve got no mobile signal to do what Becksie always does when she’s lost (on so many levels) and…….. calls Ian. Lets just say this tube trip was a success. And…… now a confession Ian my have text Becksie a step by step idiots guide before she went underground.

So Becksie met Jen and together they set off to the venue. They may have used Becksie’s phone sat nav, they may have read a map – you will never know! On the way a brilliant thing happened. A lady  stop us and asked Jen where here dress was from…………… You could see the lady was gearing up for the answer ‘prada’ (and in Becksie’s head – and probably  in Jen’s head too she was a fashion editor for a glossy magazine – who else would ask a random this question). Anyways Jen looked her straight in the eyes and said ‘you mean mine?’ The fashion editor (also a mother of 3 with a double buggy) said ‘yes’……. Jen said ‘the charity shop’ and…… We walked away howling with laughter. Brilliant!

brilliance in blogging 2On arriving at the venue we checked in and Jennifer Howze one of the Britmum founders on being told Becksie name said…… ‘A year without supermarkets’ – ‘I love your blog’. This moment although brief was hugely sincere and meant a lot. Reminded us of our recent post on kindness (still doing our 68 acts…… It’s harder than we thought). From here we used the loo’s (they felt safe for the country girls in the big smoke) and we had a free coffee and biscuit.

It was slightly odd being at this place as everywhere we looked we realised we recognised many of the folk from pictures we have seen on their blogs and on twitter. Becksie has a talent for remembering faces so it was a bit like celeb spotting.

brilliance in blogging 3We went up into the glamorous party bar and had our photo taken red carpet style (wish I had this photo). Then we met the lovely lady behind Thirty mummy and the lovely lady behind Glosswatch and we drank champagne and ate fancy canapés.

brilliance in blogging 1When it was time we made our way to the table and the ceremony was underway. A great MC speech by Viv Groskop and then……. it was golden envelope time.

Drumroll please – our category was announced and Viv even made reference to our blog in her speech but……. we didn’t win. We did our best ‘we didn’t want to win anyway face’ and watched the rest of the awards. Oh well…… Better luck next year.

Jen and Becksie left and were not even a bit sad they didn’t win! Becksie navigated the tube journey in reverse and got on her train back to Oxford. It was then she read some of the blog that won in her category and all thoughts of sore loser went away. This blogger writes about her life since her husband sustained a head injury and her fight to get him home.  Becksie having just negotiated the tube avec Ian’s crib notes felt complete terror at even for a second facing life without Ian and concluded this lady is a true Inspiration. Whilst Becksie feels hugely hugely incredibly honoured and proud to have got this far in the BiBs she is genuinely pleased this lady won.

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So there you have it a little account of the Brilliance in Blogging awards. We really feel proud to have come so close and be considered with these incredible other blogs. Thank you so much if you nominated us and or voted for us this has been an incredible experience and for this we are enormously grateful. Thank you.


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  1. You kept that one quiet Becksie!….a Brilliant achievement to be a finalist and I bet you had a fantastic time…I took Han to London on her 16th Birthday and had to pretend I knew what I was doing on the underground cos she was terrified of it!!…you’ve got a few years to practice for Lizzie. Seriously humbling blog by the winner.Well done Team Pugh.

  2. The great thing about the tube is that if you get on a train going the wrong way you can just get off at the next stop, like you always wanted too (!), cross over and get on a train back again!! No one is any the wiser.

  3. It was a fantastic night! Thankyou so much for your comments about me and my life….it’s very different now, thank you so much for your kind words… Hope to see you next year…thank you xx

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