Divine Apricots (a guest post)

Lizzie is not feeling very well so the adult members of Team Pugh are mostly dishing out the calpol, peeling the grapes and mopping her brow. So today we hand over to the lovely Aunty Janet for a guest post all about apricots. Aunty Janet it’s over to you……………

Feeling poorly but still playing my 'monica'

Feeling poorly but still playing my ‘monica’

‘After the longest of winter and coldest of Spring, I look forward to the new preserving season. I bought a bottle of Amaretto liqueur at Christmas just for such a delicious dessert as this.

janetYou will need

Sugar stock syrup, 50% i.e. I: 6 fluid oz. water to Oz. white sugar. boiled to thread stage on the jam thermometer (do not leave it, or else you have burnt caramel very quickly).

Zest and juice of 1 orangejanet 3

Zest and juice of 1 lemonjanet 1

Spice, ( I used grated nutmeg 2 or 3 grates)janet 2

Approximately 20 ripe , firm apricots

Whatever quantity of sugar you end up with, measure and add an equal quantity of Amaretto.

A Le Parfait jar or Kilner jar. 500g or 1lb size


Make sugar syrup

Halve and remove stones from the apricots

When syrup has cooled a little, add juice, zest, spice and liqueur

Pack prepared apricots tightly into clean sterilised jar, pour over the syrup infusion, covering the apricots in syrup.

The syrup and liqueur will preserve the apricots.

This is delicious served with Ice cream, cream, meringues in pavlovas or trifle, on cereal’s’.

Thank you you Aunty Janet these market shoppers are on the hunt for bargain apricots 🙂


9 thoughts on “Divine Apricots (a guest post)

  1. Ooh Aunty Janet these sound yummilicious (my new favourite word) and I love Ameretto so now I shall have to go and buy some..it’s tough being a Cookaholic, so much testing to do….it’s all work you know….

  2. Meant to say Get Better soon Lizzie..is it those nasty old toothypegs?…Calpols good but when you get as big as Kate you can move on to Whisky Toddies. Recommended.

  3. that sounds lovely!! i remember my grandmother making similar with peaches & brandy. hope Lizzie gets better soon

  4. On re-reading the recipe I’m a bit puzzled about the sugar syrup! You use the same amount of water to sugar i.e. 6 fl. oz water to 6oz sugar – am I reading that right?

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