10 things you don’t know about Team Pugh

10 things 4One of our lovely readers commented the other day that through reading our blog they felt like they knew us. This is a lovely thing to say and something we haven’t really considered. In the age of the internet we guess it’s a bit of a new phenomenon that you can ‘know’ someone without ever having seen them in the flesh. Now as this blog is honestly just like us but online the things we are about to reveal will probably be in no way shocking but we thought it would be fun. So here we go:

Becksie cannot stand to have or see someone else with one sock on and one sock off. Not sure why, it’s just not cricket!

Becksie’s favourite perfume is Very Irresistible by Givenchy (donations warmly received).

10 things 1

Ian and Becksie both have their coffee the same way…… milk 2 sugars!

Ian does not drink tea.

Becksie LOVES to read books by Jodi Picoult (as does…… Ian)!

10 things 2

Ian leaves his tie on the landing everyday when he gets home from work and despite being asked 1000 times to walk three extra steps and put it away his brain cannot understand this command.

Lizzie LOVES dogs which she currently calls ‘dog dogs’ and can spot a dog from miles away.

Lizzie has a slight obsession with Peppa Pig.

10 things 3

Ian has a secret LOVE of country music.

In our little tiny house Lizzie has the biggest bedroom.

Happy Friday everyone 🙂


10 thoughts on “10 things you don’t know about Team Pugh

  1. Becksie,How do you feel about people who wear odd socks?! Drives me potty! Granddaughter has equal love for Peppa Pig, can’t tell you how many times we’ve watched each episode! Nice to know more about you. Have a good weekend.

  2. I can’t do odd socks either, even worse that fashion a few years ago where you bought a jumper in knitted cotton and it had no sleeves and a polo neck! They were worn in warm weather, but seemed to me to be the craziest invention! It is nice getting to ‘know’ you better.

  3. Hi Becksie….I don’t think it is much different than the old fashioned pen pals..you don’t have to meet people in the flesh to find that you have things in common and lots to “connect” about…actually it is fantastic for people like me (a full time carer) when connecting online is likely to be the only other human contact you may have for days at a time…., my online friends are always a click away to laugh or cry with..so thankyou for sharing your little family with me , it means a lot x

  4. Hey team pugh, did you know there is a Peppa Pig World in Hampshire? One of the laides at work is taking her PP obsessed children this weekend. Just thought Id throw that one into the mix :o)
    Nice reading about your secret obsessions. Have a great weekend.

    • Hehe – we do indeed and CAN’T wake to take a certain small person when she’s taller and can go the rides 🙂 Have a lovely weekend too

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