Liquid Biscuit

We’ve had one of those weeks where we seemed to have food and so when it came to shopping time earlier in the week we really didn’t need a lot. So….. where as in our supermarket days we would have gone and purchased a lot of ‘spare’ store cupboard food we decided to just buy what we needed. Tuesday saw a quick trip to Faringdon market where we purchased…… some bananas, grapes and a cabbage.liquid biscuit 3

We went out to meet a friend and visited a farm shop and deli and…… still resisted the temptation just to buy! However……. in the deli in Charlbury we may have found a luxury unnecessary item we simply couldn’t resist.liquid biscuit 4

Now when Becksie was pregnant she ate a lot of Lotus Biscuits. And…. here on the shelf was a spreadable version of it! Becksie decided to treat Team Pugh (we know its not very local and is probably hugely bad for you but…… everything in moderation and all that).

Lets just say….. it is incredible! Both Ian and Becksie are in LOVE with what has been nicknamed liquid biscuit! Over the last few days we have tried it on toast, in milk, on ice cream which are all amazing but…… liquid biscuit is best eaten straight from the jar! Ironically the back of the jar tells us its available from the supermarket but….. we have a witness we got it from a little deli!liquid biscuit 1

We also purchased some milk and were lucky to get another cabbage, some new potatoes and some spinach fresh from Grandad Gray’s garden so… shopping this week £9.14. A huge saving!

liquid biscuit 2

Must dash Liquid Biscuit is calling!


16 thoughts on “Liquid Biscuit

  1. I think it’s probably best I don’t ever find liquid biscuit for sale…not sure I could maintain moderation…

  2. Sounds delicious, you could try out a biscuit recipe with it….I know Ian loves his biscuits…
    this one should work ( I use Peanut butter or Chocolate Spread and Im sure your Caramel would make great biscuits too)

    Cream 2 oz butter with 4oz brown sugar , add half a beaten egg and two heaped tablespoons of your caramel, add a few drops vanilla essence if you have any, and a pinch of salt . Sieve 4oz Plain Flour with 1 tsp baking powder in and mix it all shouldn’t be sticky or crumbly….roll into balls and flatten on a baking sheet with a fork. About 15 mins on 180C/Gas 4 should do it
    Happy munching whichever way you eat it!

    • Thank you for the recipe 🙂 but………. unless we got a batch load of liquid biscuit I simply don’t think I could bake with it and alter the taste of perfection – we really are addicted xxxx

  3. I agree with the comment above, it might become the next have to have in place of chocolate spread by the grandchildren! Noooo!

  4. That sounds lovely!! I’m the same as your other poster, I’m not sure I could keep moderation either! I’m currently in love with maple syrup and confess to buying a big bottle of B grade from the internet, it’s got lots of nutritious stuff in it and I use it to help my muscular dystrophy. I even make cakes with it using spelt flour from shipton mill, they have wonderful recipes on their website. If you like ordinary cakes & biscuits then made with maple syrup & spelt flour ones are just divine. I slosh maple syrup over everything now, cooked rhubarb will be tonight’s tea with maple syrup on it.

  5. Oooh is that the secret ingredient in Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream?
    Want, nay, need some.

  6. I am addicted to this stuff!!! i spread it on ANYTHING! my most recent discovery though is mixing it with chocolate spread and having on either a hot coissant or a teacake…or anything really! 🙂 Yummy!!

  7. Wow, liquid biscuit sounds fab, might have to keep an eye out for it. Im into cashew butter at the moment (our local healthfood shop has new owners and they have given the place a bit of a shake up – and also stock pumpkin seed butter) trying it as a change from peanut butter. Its nuttier than peanut butter so you dont need as much, but very yummy.

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