All or Nothing

The finished product - clean!!! Photo taken after this post was written :)

The finished product – clean!!! Photo taken after this post was written 🙂

Today Becksie has been cleaning the kitchen! This is a task that really needed doing but one that Becksie finds really dull. Not only does she find it dull she finds it frustrating – frustrating as it’s a never ending job. Her intention today was simply to tidy up the ingredients cupboard. This is something she has been putting off for a while as…… she has come to realise she is an all or nothing kind of person! So a good idea to simply tidy the cupboard has ended in an entire morning of scrubbing and sorting. It’s now 2.14pm and a very snotty runny eyed Lizzie is napping and the kitchen instead of looking like a sparkly palace looks like a carboot sale. This is because the all or nothing person has got WAY to into the task in hand. So writing today’s blog is a welcome distraction.

Being an all or nothing person is a double edged sword. On the one hand when you really want to put your all into something it usually means that with minimal sleep and maximum energy output one can achieve something like what you set out to. But…….. It also means that people often laugh at your extreme efforts (and crazy ideas) and occasionally take advantage of you…….. (but that’s a different blog post). Being an all or nothing person also gives you an ability to put something off because you can’t yet face putting all your effort in (please note you usually end up doing it in the long run). Being an all or nothing person means you often find yourself in a little too deep with things and frantically swimming against the tide, a few examples:

Kitchen cupboard tidying that’s been put off for ages turns into EPIC kitchen clean.

Wanting to make a dress to help a little girl around the world turns into a 200 dress target and multiple events to organise.DRESS  A GIRL 1

One cat turns into 4 (now three due to sad departure of Lala).drafty 3

Wanting to save money and write a little turns in a huge time commitment and daily discipline.


How very Dear Deidre!

Are you with us now??

If  you are an all or nothing person (or know an all or nothing person) you will probably sympathise with the above examples. Being an all or nothing person is (from personal experience) exhausting but it is also hugely rewarding, spontaneous and exciting. Now…… when an all or nothing person marries another all or nothing person you get an even more dangerous all or nothing couple. You know the type that decide to hold their wedding in a sheep barn just because if we’re gonna do this we may as well do it to the max and………. make our live as hard as possible.all or nothing 5

All or nothing people (well this one) also struggle to relax. This all or nothing person is a terrible person to watch a film with, an AWFUL cinema goer and a terrible terrible terrible sunbather!all or nothing 7

all or nothing 6


Car Boot 3This all or nothing person is much better at all of the above but has his own personal issues……… this all or nothing person will NEVER pay for parking (50 mile walk to save £2), keeps every bit of wood in sight for that moment when one needs a bit of wood exactly to its specifications and he can’t eat just one biscuit and has to eat the packet.

all or nothing 2And…….. already we are starting to see that when two all or nothing folk have a small person of their own said small person at the tender age of 13 months develops their own all or nothing traits! All the milk must be tipped on the floor, all the books must be pulled from the shelf!all or nothing 1

So…… where’s this going? Well……. firstly it’s assisting in avoiding finishing the epic clean Becksie has started. Secondly it is simply an acknowledgement of what Team Pugh are like. Thirdly it is an opportunity for those much wiser to let us know how they feel we should tame this beast and fourthly……. it is a request for guidance on where we go next?

We have been writing this blog for 7 months now and….. putting our all into it. It started, as you know as a way to save money and prove we had the will power to make a bold statement like ‘we are not going to shop in supermarkets for a year’ and actually see it through. We’ve had lots of fun, done exciting things and met really cool and lovely people. As time went on it became easy to not go in supermarkets and the challenge was writing new content every day (this is still a HUGE challenge especially as if we missed a day NOTHING would even happen). We have supported our local economy and eaten some lovely food. We have learnt SO MUCH about food and food production and formed our own opinions about food. But…….. where do we go from here? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated………………………………………


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  1. What about a bit of market research? In Cirencester we barely have a market, on friday it’s just a veg stall, possibly a fishmonger, butcher and olive oil stall on a good day. I’d love it if we had a bigger market. I was watching Nick Crane on his lovely Town series and he showed us a lovely, modern, purpose built market building in Yorkshire. The council want to ‘renovate’ the market place in cirencester and make 50% of it paved with smart new paving. There have been huge objections about this, many people don’t want it especially in the current financial climate so I wrote an email to the paper suggesting they use it to build a market instead on the local industrial estate, instead of another supermarket. It would be nice to see articles on markets in the uk & what they’re like but I’ve just thought that would take you time & research & you’ve got enough to do, so it’s probably not as good an idea as I thought ten minutes ago!

  2. Oh Becksie you have made me chortle!…no good asking me…I’m the mad woman who organises all her ingredients and writes labels and dates on them , the one who insists on not wasting a single thing in the fridge even if it does mean making rhubarb and spinach jam (yeah Im sure that could work!) The mad fool who catered her own wedding from home despite moving house 8 weeks before the wedding and the builders not clearing the conservatory until the night before the wedding (they needed bribing with more chocolate cake)
    Yes I’m sure life could be much easier if you were not an All or Nothing Person but it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting would it!….but maybe just sometimes, for a special treat you could embrace the “Nothing” bit !

  3. Just seen you’re wedding pics….what an amazing and unforgettable day that must have been….and could only be achieved by ” All or Nothing” type of people!…fabulous!

  4. Just thought I’d comment to say I’m an all or nothing type too 🙂 You are not alone!!

    As for where to go from here…Difficult. I blog as well (and in true all or nothing style have three of them!!) and it does become easier once PR people track you down and start sending you relevant stuff as this gives you loads of interesting stimuli to blog about 🙂

  5. Evening Pugh Family. The kitchen pic looks super sparkly clean Becksie, brill effort on the cleaning today. Don’t worry about Lizzie, the milk on the floor, books off the shelves and tipped out cotton buds is absolutely normal for a person her age. She’s not being all or nothing! Just being a child discovering things. I guess Ian and Becksie you’ll always be the same, lots to do and finding even more to do. They say “if you want something done, ask someone who is busy” so I guess that’s your role. If you can’t sit doing nothing on the beach you need to get the knit/crochet bug so you’re not just sitting. I think once you’ve made something you’ll be so pleased you’ll want to do more.(dare I ask about Lizzies cardi?) a bit like you made 1 dress then decided to make 200. You are just driven! There are times when I was more like it and procrastinated less, but that’s my bugbear. Keep up the good work, enjoy your family life and take it as it comes!

  6. yes, please dont stop writing, even if you find you are repeating yourselves! I feel I know you from your blogs, and its refreshing to follow the fortunes of a normal happy family. We have a Friday general market here in Wallingford, also a country market (ex WI market) on the same day, and a local producers market on a Saturdy, but the rest of the week Waitrose reigns supreme as we dont have a greengrocer. We do have an excellent butcher however, so thats something! All the best to the three of you, Pat

  7. The thing is, doesn’t everyone think they’re an all or nothing person? I don’t think I’ve ever read a person who doesn’t claim to be or doesn’t claim they used to be but they got over it. Dan is still an all or nothing person but I got over it by realising we couldn’t both maintain such ridiculous states of high stress So I sacrificed not being able to relax and worrying about things, he still does but I take up the slack.

    What I’ve learned from giving up taking myself so seriously is that doing the right thing isn’t what matters, what matters is that you do something, whatever it is. Don’t worry about what you will do, talk about what you are doing and that will always be interesting, no matter how small it seems (and if you go from daily posting to 5 days or even 1 day a week then we’ll all manage and you won’t have failed).

  8. It is funny, i was thinking about you last night. I was out on my bike, and ended up cycling through lots of villages to the north of Grove, thinking about you and your non supermarket-ness. And also thinking how sad it is that for those of us who work full time, we miss out on the wealth of treasure found in local markets. Maybe you can write a post with suggestions for us full time workers, about how we can reduce our dependency on the big 4…..?

    • Hi Emma, have you thought about visiting Farm shops , they are usually open at the weekend and make a nice day out, or investigate Veg Boxes which are delivered., and often do a lot more than just veg, I can get meat, fish, eggs, bread & dairy with mine (Kent) and all local and seasonal produce too.

    • I have this problem too! My boyfriend also works most weekends so we can rarely do ‘family’ trips. I do get fruit and veg from farm shops (love them for staying open until 6pm!) but for everything else I have no choice 😦

  9. Great post. No ideas how to stop the All or Nothing thing from me I’m afraid, being the same myself. Embrace it…
    And as for where to go… As soon as you know, let me know.
    Keep doing what you are doing. You are awesome. You are inspiring people and making them think. Maybe it is the journey and not the destination that is important (that’s my deep and meaningful thought for the day!)

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