The ABC of Supermarket-Free – Part 2

ABC 5So on Saturday we gave you part 1 of the ABC of Supermarket-Free, and not wanting to keep you in suspense any longer we thought we would share part 2 with you……………

J is for Juice

Back in the days of supermarket shopping we used to buy a fair bit of fruit juice as a little drink treat, but nowadays this is far from easy to come by. What we are left with is of course in true Team Pugh style making our own! The late summer usually brings with it a glut of apples, so do watch out for Team Pugh apple juice (and perhaps cider if we have enough)!

K is for Kaffir Lime Leaves

Not sure that this is something we have ever written about before, but a great example about all that is wonderful about being supermarket free. Back in the bad old days we had bought about 6 of these dried leaves in a plastic pot for a ridiculous price. Back before we started our supermarket free journey Aunty Leah bought a bag full of fresh leaves from a Thai shop for next to nothing and gave us half to pop in our freezer – superb for flavouring Thai food!ABC 2

L is for Live below the Line

We took part in Live Below the Line this year which was a great experience. It really challenged us on our approach to food and made us think about just what you can do with food and how far you can make things stretch if necessary.


M is for Markets

What is better than a good market? Lots of variety, fresh produce, samples, banter, cooking tips, fresh air and bargains galore!


N is for Nuts

Nuts are something that we use quite a lot of in baking, and have found them surprisingly easy to get hold of without the help of the supermarket, with several of our local markets having stalls selling such wares!

O is for Oil

We have discovered some fantastic oils during the last few months, the wonderful Stainswick Farm Rape Seed Oil,  and lovely walnut oil.


P is for Peanut Butter

Of all the fancy ones we have tried, a little and possibly unexpected confession (eeeekkkk can’t believe we are going to blog this) we really miss cheap own brand supermarket peanut butter eeeekkkkkkkk!!!


There you go, part 2 of 3 complete, stay tuned for part 3, which contains the letters Q, V, X and Z – could be interesting!!!


4 thoughts on “The ABC of Supermarket-Free – Part 2

  1. You could grow your own Kaffir lime leaves when those run out 🙂 Think of it as an edible houseplant that can go outside when the weather is warm…

    We make our own cider and apple juice- it’s great fun. We do it with a group of friends so it’s on a large scale and takes a couple of Saturdays. Sadly there was none last year because of the poor apple harvest, so fingers crossed the predictions for a bumper crop are right this year!

  2. Have you thought of making your own peanut butter…its on my to do list…. (which gets longer by the minute!) I think you just blitz up a bag of fresh peanuts (you can use roasted) in a food processor till you get the consistency you want add a little bit of oil/blitz and then add salt to taste or honey if you prefer it sweet …keep going if you want a nut butter or use different nuts such as almonds…got to be worth a try!

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