Summer Updates

Chickens 1We’re having a busy day here at TPHQ, coupled with a poorly Lizzie who was keeping us entertained in short shifts until 3 am last night has left us wondering what to blog about tonight…………

A quick look back through our recent posts and we realised that we have not actually told you how our new chickens are getting on!

Our three latest ladies, Sharon, Barbara and Flo have settled in nicely, showing off their own personalities and have well and truly established a friendly pecking order and a coop camaraderie, the us and them mentality of new and old seems to have disappeared! This was mostly helped by Sharon one morning that she was just going to join Barry and Kevin’s gang and follow them around wherever they went, much to their annoyance until they forgot that she had not been there all the time.Chickens 3

Poor old Flo (who only has one eye) often finds herself on the wrong side of one of the older chickens but seems to cope just fine, and all three are popping out eggs left right and centre of the coop. The new three have even been treated to a bit of feeding help from Lizzie, who has taken to joining Ian to scatter pellets and corn in the pen for an afternoon snack, although she has to do this from a safe distance as Sharon is in the habit of flying up at you at every opportunity.chickens 5

Sharon, or Baldy as she is currently called (her head feathers are taking their time to grow back) has taken over from Kevin as our resident escapologist, constantly flying out over the fence into the main garden, despite Ian clipping her wings. Ian is a bit of a generous wing clipper as he does not want to cut too close into the wings, but there is definitely more snipping required!

Talking of wing clipping when it came to clipping Barbara’s wings she had Ian chasing her round for about 10 minutes, she is certainly one quick and evasive chicken!

Chickens 4

Painting in progress

Whilst we are recapping and updating we have started to tick a few of our summer jobs off, the windows have been cleaned and the garden furniture is part way painted!Chickens 6

Also the garden is ‘summering’ in very nicely, the flowers are blooming and we even have the first of our alpine strawberries ready to eat!chickens 2


6 thoughts on “Summer Updates

  1. I hope Lizzie picks up soon and you get a better nights sleep. Lovely to hear the chicadees have settled in so well….lots of lovely baking expected with all those eggs!

  2. Looks like it may be a bumper fruit crop this year. Our cherries and pears are just bigger than new 5p sized and some apples and strawberries are old 5p sized. Oh and our spuds are part triffid.

    I fear we have the only chickens in England that don’t like corn. We bought them some as a treat and they won’t touch it.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. I am, of course, highly amused by the fact that Sharon is following Kevin and Barry around 🙂
    Sorry to hear Lizzie is unwell…i hope she perks up soon…:-)

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