The ABC of Supermarket-Free

day 3 3Lizzie has lots of lovely books, and she has a few favourites that she likes to be read and re-read to her. After reading one of Lizzie’s favourites for what must be the twenty two thousandth time Ian and Becksie had a conversation about how a) most children’s books were very simple, b) some were just nonsense and c) we were sure we could do better ourselves! So, in honour of Lizzie’s ABC book, which we both know off by heart we have………………………part 1 of the ABC of Supermarket-Free!

A is for Apples.

Lots of apples, lovely varieties, different varieties coming into fruit throughout the summer, either home grown, sourced or bought at markets, a great snack.

B is for Butchers.

twist 1

Not only can a good butcher tell you where your meat is from you can ask for the exact amounts you want, watch them skilfully prepare it for you, ask for advice on how to cook it and get excellent quality meat for a bargain price.

C is for Cheese.

Cheese. We love cheese. We are fortunate to have excellent local cheese shops, the stock all hand-picked and always refreshed with new cheeses to try and good deals to be had. Cheese also goes well with absolutely everything and makes a great late-night snack!

D is for Delis.

We have a great deli in Faringdon and several others around and about our area. For some items Delis can be expensive, but a good deli always has high quality products at a fair price, such as our favourite butter!

E is for Eggs.

Happy chickens in the garden = free eggs. Well not free, as they do need to be fed, but very very cheap, (around 2p per egg). Keeping chickens is a great way to save money, be more self-sufficient and you know eggsactly where your eggs have come from.banana 1

F is for Flour.

Locally milled flour is one of our best discoveries from our Year Without Supermarkets (.com). the quality of our local flour is so much better than the supermarket flour we were previously using.

G is for Growing.

Even just growing a little amount of something in a pot on the windowsill means access to truly fresh food – who doesn’t love walking past the kitchen worktop and leaning over for a little treat of a few rocket leaves, pea shoots or some cress?

Seedy or what?

H is for Haggle

How many supermarkets will let you barter for discounts, round the totals down to the nearest pound or chuck in a few extra items for you? Market stalls do!

I is for Independent.

This is what it is all about, supporting independent retailers, traders and producers. It is not always very easy running a small business, and it is vital not to make it even harder by not taking advantage of what they have, which is usually better value and superior to what can be found in supermarkets.

lovely 7

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 coming very soon!


8 thoughts on “The ABC of Supermarket-Free

  1. What a brilliant book this will make! I hope you will print it off to read with Lizzie. And when she’s a bit older she can play spot the shops! You never cease to amaze us with all that you do. Keep up the good work!

  2. Brilliant…looking forward to the rest of the alphabet!…love that last photo where is it ..the stock looks lovely and I would be tempted if it was my local alternative to a supermarket!….bit of a trek from Folkestone though!

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