Two Tips………A Guest Recipe by Ian Pugh

toast 1Those of you that have read our daily ramblings for some time may have picked up that Becksie does most (all) of the cooking and baking in our house. Most of the time Ian is more than happy for this be the case as a) he hates cooking and b) he really enjoys Becksie’s cooking. Just occasionally however he wishes he was more of a culinary genius, and that he could contribute more than bad jokes and stupid ideas to this blog which is supposed to be, essentially, about food.

Now nights when Ian needs to cook don’t come around very often at TPHQ, however last night a slightly under the weather Becksie meant that Ian was thrust into the high pressure environment of the kitchen. Did he panic? A little. Did he sit on the floor and cry “I can’t do this”? He may have wanted to, but he did not.

In fact he got the main body of the dinner cooking, dashed outside to do a few man things, dashed back in to check the dinner, prepared 2 side dishes, checked the main again, whipped it out and placed it on the side and began to dish up his sides. Served up with a knob of butter and presented to Becksie, it met her approval!  Within less than 15 minutes Ian had rustled up a perfect meal of………………………..jacket potato, cheese and salad!

toast 4

Becksie was not quite this impressed, but impressed she still was!

Later last night, buoyed by the previous gastronomical success, Ian decided to attempt another recipe that he has struggled with for some time. Becksie warned Ian that it was too late to be cooking and making a mess, but Ian was, as he put it, “on a roll”. The results? Becksie was impressed, said it was his best ever attempt at such a snack and was amazed at how he had done this. Ian shared his two top tips with her, and she was so impressed that she begged him to write a guest recipe post. And so, without further ado, Ian will share his recipe for the perfect late night snack.

As you can see the post is called two tips, that is because there are two tips that make this recipe really delicious. The first tip relies on some chance and good fortune, the other is achievable every time you make it with a little discipline.

Firstly take a slice of bread. This works best if you have a loaf that you can slice yourself, as the hard work slicing the bread now will really pay off when you come to enjoy it.

If your bread is in a bag slice the bread resting inside the top of the bag, which will catch the majority of crumbs, making the cleaning up process much easier.

Take your slice of bread and put it in the toaster, you can amuse yourself as you choose to until it is ready.

Once popped put the toaster on again but (this is top tip number 1) do not walk away from the toaster. Don’t disappear and feed the cats, go and put the chickens to bed, lock the door or go and read the BBC website. Stand and watch your toast cook until it reaches the optimum browning point, at which point you must quickly cancel the toast cycle. This is really key to the whole dish and does take some practice.

Once popped you will need to find a plate (this is top tip number 2). Now this step requires a certain amount of circumstance and luck or an enormous amount of planning to achieve perfection. What you need to do is find a plate near the sink that has just had the last of the French Breakfast Muffins taken from it. Whilst the authentic taste delight comes from finding a plate by chance if you did want to make the muffins earlier in the day in preparation for using the plate later for this recipe the taste is pretty close.

toast 3

Next grab the butter dish which your wife will have previously filled with butter, which should be at room temperature. Spread generously onto the toast.

Finally cut into 4 and serve. Enjoy the warm toast, creamy butter and delicious sugar and cinnamon on the rear of the toast from the muffin plate. Delicious.

toast 2

p.s. If you do not have a pre-cinnamon and sugared plate to hand you could try scattering some on a clean plate to get the same effect.

p.p.s this blog was partly inspired by this!


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