Shopping with a Twist

Last week we promised to make our shopping trips more exciting (Ian had some interesting ideas for this), and we thought hard about how to make our shopping posts a little more enjoyable to read!

So what did we come up with we hear you cry? well…………….nothing. We had a good think, and thought that if you are here still and still reading you are probably either enjoying or at least happy to tolerate our ramblings so……we will continue, but please do let us know what you would like to hear about our shopping trips and we will do our best to oblige.

As seems to have become usual we have collected shopping from various stops on our journey through this week. Stop number 1 was of course the lovely farms we visited on Sunday, some lovely raw goats milk, goats cheese, a pork joint and a bag full of sausages.

Our very 'local' shopping

Next stop was a trip into Faringdon on Monday for………. a huge shop……. gravy granules as ……… we just fancied some Bisto and couldn’t be bothered to make our own gravy so we treated ourselves from the newsagents (ok they were more than you’d pay in the supermarket but once in a while this is ok). twist 4

Then it was back to Faringdon on Tuesday for market day and a trip to see our very friendly butcher. twist 3


twist 2

Total spend……… £41.89.

So there you have it this weeks shop. Now its been a while since we did a round up of the stats and we thought it might be interesting to share this information. So for the number driven folk among you here goes.

We have been now been supermarket free for 31 weeks. shopping stats

Our weekly budget is £50, this is to buy all of our food and cleaning products. We don’t include toiletries in this budget although we don’t buy them from the supermarket. This means if we had spent our budget every week in 31 weeks we could have spent a total of £1550.

However we have not, our total spend in 31 weeks has been……. £1155.86.

This means the saving on the budget s far is……. £394.14. shopping stats 2

We are really pleased with this total and…….. as on average we used to spend about £30 a week on those pesky top up shops (this makes us CRINGE) we have also saved this amount (although this is hard to prove).

So we are saving money and having a brilliant time. May we take this chance to say thank you so much for reading our posts and taking the time to comment, follow us on twitter and like us on facebook. It really means a lot.

Over and Out Team Pugh 🙂


13 thoughts on “Shopping with a Twist

  1. I have very much enjoyed your blog from the moment I came across it when I read every post from day one. We are not quite where you are, but have always avoided regular grocery stores for a long time. But we do go about twice a year. We are very fortunate that we have an excellent butcher and what is called in the UK a green grocer shop nearby. However, neither is less expensive, it’s just that we have allocated the higher price as a cost we incur to have better quality.

    For those of us not from the UK, there are sometimes things that I don’t recognize in your photos so I like when you describe your purchases. I also don’t know how far you have to drive when you try out new markets and wonder about the cost of your gas/petrol.

    Thank you for that most touching post of all the little girl dresses that your friends made. Very heartwarming. Oh, and your daughter is beautiful! Can you mention how much you have to spend on pet food and cat litter? I do understand that this is about your food expenditures, but so much of our budget is also taken up on pet food costs.

    A Canadian fan.

    B. G.

    • Hi there, thank you so much for reading. We generally go to markets on journeys we are already making which means no extra petrol costs, but as we rarely travel more than 15 countryside miles or so (and usually much less) to get our food the petrol costs are quite low.

      Our cats all have the run of the outdoors so we do not use cat litter (we used to when we lived in a city and are so glad not to have to anymore!) and spend probably less than a £1 a day on the cat/chicken food.

      Best wishes,

      Ian and Becksie

  2. That looks a very nice shop indeed Becksie…I have my eye on your beetroot, I like it drizzled with oil,wrapped in foil and slowly lovely with the pork joint…and then there is of course beetroot & horseradish chutney which I must make again as it is delicious!….I do love seeing what other people put in their weekly shop!

  3. MMMmmmm roast beetroot! Sounds lovely! It isn’t boring (shopping) cos there are so many things to consider about what we buy and why and you are leading the way on some really important issues, that’s why we read, plus you’re nice people & spread kindness plus you have good recipes, what more could we want! I love bisto too, there are just some modern things like beans & tinned tomatos, custard powder that we couldn’t do without!

  4. Hi thanks for your inspiring posts. Could you do a “day in the life of” style post please, in food terms? I’d be really interested to see what sort of meals and snacks the 3 of you eat in a typical day/week. Or maybe I’ve missed some previous posts! Or a menu planner for the week? I know you guys are doing what you’re doing but the hardest part for me to see is how your food stretches so far!

  5. interested to know how you work out how much you are saving by avoiding supermarkets? How do you do a comparison if you dont visit said supermarkets? Just curious! Love your blog, wouldnt miss it for the world! Patricia

    • Hi Patricia, we know that we used to spend £50 in a weekly shop in the supermarket (but we would do top up shops so the weekly total was more like £80). When we started the challenge we decided that we would go with a £50 per week budget and our savings have been taken from the £50 budget. We have done some comparisons between the market and the supermarket online and have found (of course) that the market is much cheaper!

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