Shopping with a Twist

Last week we promised to make our shopping trips more exciting (Ian had some interesting ideas for this), and we thought hard about how to make our shopping posts a little more enjoyable to read!

So what did we come up with we hear you cry? well…………….nothing. We had a good think, and thought that if you are here still and still reading you are probably either enjoying or at least happy to tolerate our ramblings so……we will continue, but please do let us know what you would like to hear about our shopping trips and we will do our best to oblige.

As seems to have become usual we have collected shopping from various stops on our journey through this week. Stop number 1 was of course the lovely farms we visited on Sunday, some lovely raw goats milk, goats cheese, a pork joint and a bag full of sausages.

Our very 'local' shopping

Next stop was a trip into Faringdon on Monday for………. a huge shop……. gravy granules as ……… we just fancied some Bisto and couldn’t be bothered to make our own gravy so we treated ourselves from the newsagents (ok they were more than you’d pay in the supermarket but once in a while this is ok). twist 4

Then it was back to Faringdon on Tuesday for market day and a trip to see our very friendly butcher. twist 3


twist 2

Total spend……… £41.89.

So there you have it this weeks shop. Now its been a while since we did a round up of the stats and we thought it might be interesting to share this information. So for the number driven folk among you here goes.

We have been now been supermarket free for 31 weeks. shopping stats

Our weekly budget is £50, this is to buy all of our food and cleaning products. We don’t include toiletries in this budget although we don’t buy them from the supermarket. This means if we had spent our budget every week in 31 weeks we could have spent a total of £1550.

However we have not, our total spend in 31 weeks has been……. £1155.86.

This means the saving on the budget s far is……. £394.14. shopping stats 2

We are really pleased with this total and…….. as on average we used to spend about £30 a week on those pesky top up shops (this makes us CRINGE) we have also saved this amount (although this is hard to prove).

So we are saving money and having a brilliant time. May we take this chance to say thank you so much for reading our posts and taking the time to comment, follow us on twitter and like us on facebook. It really means a lot.

Over and Out Team Pugh 🙂