Signature Bake

We have been writing this blog for 7 months 19 days without missing a day and somehow we have never blogged this recipe. We have NO idea why as……. If Becksie was to go on the Great British Bake off this would be her signature bake!pake 9

Now this cake is more of a pudding cake , maybe we could call it a cudding or a pake? It works extremely well hot (straight from the oven) with Ice cream, cream, crème fraiche or even custard (or…….. any combination of these delights – Becksie LOVES ice cream and custard together). But……… this cudding / pake also works extremely well when cooled with all of the aforementioned lovelies or for the healthier among you on its own. Liking the sound so far?? pake 7Well….. this cake gets better and better as……. It contains both fruit and vegetables and minus all the creamy delights we’ve mentioned uses only 25grams of butter in the way of fat. It also works with a variety of sharp fruits and………can be made gluten free by swapping the flour for rice flour. This cake is one Becksie has made lots of times and is a recipe that she has made up from a variety of other cake recipes. Today we used frozen blackcurrants as our fruit but fresh fruit is equally brilliant it just makes the cake a little less moist! Did we mention this is the moistest of all the cakes. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls we give you Becksie’s signature Cudding / Pake!pake 8

You will need a hot oven heated to about 190c.

A tin of your choice that is approx 9 in. Grease and line this. We use a square one that has a removable bottom.


For the base

90grams caster sugar

25grams butter

160grams desiccated coconut (or as Jenny said to Becksie today ‘you know that sorted of grated up coconut’ – hehe)

For the main body of the Cudding / Pake:

2 medium eggs

150grams caster sugar

150grams of grated courgette (now today we used a yellow one but green works just as well – if you don’t want people (non vegetable lovers) to see you can go to the faff of peeling the courgette but it won’t surprise you to know we can’t be bothered so we just grate the whole lot)

Zest and juice of a whole lemon

120grams of plain flour (or rice flour if you like)

2 teaspoons of baking powder

¼ teaspoon of salt

200grams of fruit (blackcurrants for us today)pake 4

In a pan heat the butter and sugar for the base. When it is paste like add the coconut and mix until all the coconut is covered in the paste. Put it in the tray and bake it for approximately 10 mins – keep a really close eye on it as it will burn.pake 2

Meanwhile (with one eye on the coconut) beat the eggs and sugar until they are pale. Add the grated courgette and lemon zest and beat it again.

pake 12Add the flour, baking powder, lemon juice and salt and beat again.pake 5

When the coconut is ready (this usually is about the time the mixture is ready) pour the mixture on top of the base – Becksie always puts the tray on a flat baking sheet just in case!pake 11

Add the fruit and ensure its covered with mix (so it doesn’t burn on the top).pake 10

Bake for about 30 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean (unless you put it in a blackcurrant hehe).

Eat as you feel best!

PS – we have decided to freeze half of ours and so cut it into squares and put in a bun tin in the freezer – not sure if this will work yet but we promise to feed back.pake 6


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  1. Yumm Becksie that looks fab!!! I’ll be cooking that asap!!! Any more forgotten recipies in that book of yours???

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