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devizes 14We think our friends have been reading our posts about kindness as since our post one or two really kind  things have come our way. Yesterday we had a lovely email with the title ‘Surprise guest blog for tomorrow night’ from a certain friend called Jenny. What a lovely thing……… so another night off and a good opportunity to catch up on other things. Things like the dress day Jenny and Becksie are organising……….. hang on a moment maybe this is a gentle reminder Becksie has jobs to do hehe. Anyways a huge thank you to Jenny and we hope you enjoy the post. Over to you Jenny:

jenny 2

Yesterday was open Farm Sunday which Teampugh went off to enjoy and explore. I would’ve loved to go and do that but hubby was working so Vicki and I (who both were husband less for the day) headed over to Millets Farm where they were holding a Farm Fete day. I’d picked up a leaflet for the day which all sounded like it was very promising…

jenny 3
jenny 4
It was a bit overcast and windy but the promise of some fun entertainment and a good day out drove us out the house (and a very grouchy little miss D)! I love going to Millets farm for a few hours as it has a lot to offer…garden centre with plants, furniture, clothes and gifts in. Grounds with animals in and a playground for Daisy to enjoy and finally the Farm shop full of yummy food!!

Today’s fete meant there were stalls with a variety of items on…homemade items, bugs, local food, goat soap and a few others. A bouncy castle, merry-go-round, children’s yoga session and a few displays too. We happened to get there about the time the Falconry display was on which was fun to watch the end of with their red kite up in the sky refusing to come in even with the lure of some food!

Jenny 1

We had a lovely time ambling down to the animals and allowing our girls to walk back (a very slow process)!!! And of course we also had to sample the ice cream on offer from Lovegrove…YUM highly recommended!!! Although we didn’t actually buy anything I always get a good feeling when I go to somewhere local where local products are sold and normally I do end up leaving there with something from the farm shop as its hard not too.

So although we missed out on the opportunity to go and see some of the farms you can’t normally see we still managed to have a lovely day out at a version of a farm with added extras. Thank you Team Pugh for reminding us there are other opportunities out there and it’s better to buy local…we are trying!


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  1. Sounds as if you had a lovely day, I always enjoyed going to Millets Farm when I lived in Oxfordshire and now I am finding new local food producers in Kent…which is much more fun than going to the supermarket.

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