Pigs in Puddles

So the results are in……and…………we had a clear winner in our poll we set yesterday to see whether we should visit Open Farm Sunday or not, with a massive 87% of you saying that Open Farm Sunday was ok for us to go and visit, despite the whole day being sponsored by several supermarkets.

Custard and Daisy

Custard and Daisy

And so, after a leisurely breakfast of toast, porridge, muffins and more toast we set off for Southdown Farm just outside of Witney. Now we had not heard of this farm before and a quick glance at the write up on the Open Farm Sunday website suggested it has something to do with cheese. Being somewhat fond of cheese we decided that it was worth a look! It also showed us that this farm didn’t supply to supermarkets so we felt good to go and……as one reader pointed out we don’t avoid watching TV just because the supermarkets advertise on it.

'Which way to the Farm'

‘Which way to the Farm’?

When we got there we found that this was not just any old cheese producing farm, but one that produces goat’s milk and cheese for sale in their little shop. We got a lovely tour given by one of the farmers and got to meet their newest little goats and piglets.farm 1 Lizzie was particularly pleased to meet the baby goats all of whom were very friendly and delighted to have their heads scratched and nibble on any items of clothing they could get their mouths to. farm 2One of them also shared a name with Lizzie’s mate Daisy.

Becksie and Daisy

Becksie and Daisy

We learnt a huge amount about goat’s milk and cheese production and were interested that their pigs are fed on whey and bread. Now this bread is in actual fact supermarket over orders and is sometimes still warm from the bakery. Whilst we are delighted that these little fellows get to munch on warm bread we are horrified that the supermarkets over order and produce such a huge amount of food waste. Of course this is not new news to us but…….. its so shocking that every time we hear stories like this we feel more than a little bit sick.farm 4

We tried samples of the cheese and purchased a little bit for the coming week’s shopping. We also purchased some raw goats milk which is EXTREMELY tasty and…….. as this farm is close by to a place we go at least once a week a possible solution to our milk dilemma. Now there are of course lots of rules and regulations surrounding raw milk (a no no for pregnant women, small people etc.) but……. this is only a warning and it is up to individuals to make their decisions. As Team Pugh are individuals we will let you speculate as to our thoughts on all these rules! All we will say is that the milk is lovely, the goats are uber happy and having inspected the premise for ourselves we can report it is spotlessly clean and very well run. Food for thought indeed!farm 10

After all things goat we turned our attention to all things pig. We headed off to see the lovely Jane and Andy  at Dews Meadow Farm for our own personal farm and shop visit. We had an AMAZING time and Lizzie had huge fun seeing real life pigs splashing in muddle puddles. Lizzie has been charmed by the draws of Peppa Pig and can indeed say Peppa and George (for some reason she whispers Peppa and say DORWWGGEE loudly). So it was a chorus of Peppa and DORWWGGEE as we watched Jane give the pigs a cooling hose down with the result of pigs who really were happy.farm 7

After seeing the pigs we learnt about bacon production (and slicing). Sausage making – did you know that people with big hands make big sausages…..??? Makes sense hey!? Ian asked rather too many question about black pudding whilst Becksie couldn’t decide which Sausages to buy so……. bought a few of them all. Team Pugh are please to award Dews Meadow farm a million stars for animal happiness, cleaniness and of course tastiness! We feel honoured to have had such a fab opportunity to learn about the meat we buy. We love pork and feel much better now we have learnt more about how it gets to our plate. We’ve never blogged about meat eating vs. vegetarianism but this is now a blog post in the making.

farm 6

We purchase a lovely joint of pork and had a delicious roast for dinner and felt happy that we knew exactly where it had come from and all about its story. Thank you so much Jane and Andy. If you live locally (or are ever over this way on your holidays) please make Dews Meadow Farm somewhere you visit to purchase your meat.

We are so glad we visited these farms and………. not a supermarket in sight.

Our very 'local' shopping

Our very ‘local’ shopping


12 thoughts on “Pigs in Puddles

  1. So glad you had a good farm day. Goats milk is great, we converted about 7 years ago now and have been so much healthier since we did! Our nephew can’t wait to visit so he gets chance to have the milk!Also like the cheese and yoghurt. We are very lucky here too to have a pig farm with a shop, it’s done so well that the shop has moved from the farm to the town centre. Looking forward to your meat v vegetarian blog. Night!

  2. Sadly we couldn’t visit any farms yesterday because of a previous commitment, but I’ll put those two on the list for next year…
    I’m glad you decided to go and had such a lovely day. I nearly put in my comment that two farms we’ve visited near us were an alpaca stud and the local secondary school farm unit- no supermarket connections there!

    As a now meat-eating ex-vegetarian (of twenty odd years) I’m looking forward to your meat eating v vegetarianism post too:-)

  3. How great that Lizzie will grow up knowing where “real” food comes from….good ethically produced food, and cooking from scratch will just be “normal” for her and you couldn’t be teaching her anything more useful.

  4. Excellent write up on your day out, sounds like it was fun (and educational). Goats milk is really good for people with eczema (I used to have it as a child), and any fresh milk is the bestest – if you ever get the chance warm cows milk straight from the cow (before the cream has been separated off) is well worth a try! Looks like you got some lovely new foodie bits to try and made some useful contacts as well. A win all round Id say. :o)

    • raw goats milk never did any harm to my boys, when we lost our supply and had to use supermarket the taste was so different that they refused to drink it any more. I enjoyed your pickies of the little pigs and the lambs. I too was a vegetarian for over 10 years still do a lot of veggie meals had to give it up for health reasons sadly. Will watch out for your blogs on the subject

  5. Great to hear of your day out, we couldn’t leave our puppies so its nice to hear your report, dews meadow farm is definatly on my list of great places to shop now. Its also good to hear of other crazy supermarket practices, the more we know about them the more we can urge them to change. I was watching a tv programme on a Yorkshire town last night and they showed a wonderful indoor market. On saturday we went to see the plans the town has to ‘regenerate’ the town centre. We weren’t impressed as are many local people, and I wrote on my voting slip that the money would be best spent on building a new indoor market on the big industrial estate maaybe. Now that would really boost the town’s economy and give new businesses a good start!

  6. Lovely day out – I feel quite jealous. What fabously run farms too. We love a farm trip! A few of my daughters friends (age 9) have been making the choice to become vegetarian, my daughter has a particular love of bacon so doesnt want to give up eating meat. She does however defend her meaty choices by explaining that Mummy buys meat from happy animals who have lived nice lives so its ok to eat them! We are fairly frugal meat eaters just having meat based meals a couple of times a week and we feel that better meat (which is inevitably more expensive) less often, is the way forward! 🙂 I look forward to your veggie vs meat blog!

  7. Interesting point you raise about supermarket waste. Have you ever tried freegan-ing, and would it be within Team Pugh’s rules (as you wouldn’t actually be purchasing from a supermarket or surrendering to their devious sales tactics)?

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