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Now this weekend brings with it exciting things – its Open Farm Sunday! Now Team Pugh love Open Farm Sunday – this will be our third year. To quote the website ‘Open Farm Sunday is a fantastic opportunity for everyone, young and old, to meet the farmers who grow their food and care for the countryside’. What could be better than this? Sounds right up Team Pugh’s highstreet (haha get it!).farm sunday 1

So we just sat down to look at the website and plan our farmyard frolics and we made a discovery…………………………… Open Farm Sunday is…………………… sponsored by quite a few Supermarkets! Oh very dear Team Pugh are as you know avoiding supermarkets for a whole year. So……. does this mean we can’t take part in Open Farm Sunday?

As the stapline says, the idea of the day is getting people out into the countryside and giving them an opportunity to see where their food comes from, which can only be a good thing, and the individual farms we are sure will not have been ‘supermarketised’, it just seems a shame that such a good back to basics idea has become a vehicle for supermarkets to seep further into every aspect of people’s sunday 4

Now we have been to Open Farm Sunday for the past two years and have bought great produce directly from the farmers, seen a lot of animals, equipment and even a few day old piglets, we have chatted to farmers about what they do and played on giant hay bale structures (we did have some small children with us at the time). We are fortunate to live in the countryside and to be able to visit open farms on a regular basis, but the day is a great way to visit farms that are not usually open to the public and see what is happening in the countryside near to sunday 2

So……………….the big question is does the sponsorship of the day by supermarkets mean that we cannot go? It is a dilemma that we have not been able to come up with an answer for thus far and so we are embarking on the first ever Year Without Supermarkets poll! Please let us know what you think below and we will take our lead on this one from our lovely readers!

Now if you have clicked no do not feel too bad, we have been invited on Sunday to go and have a look around Dews Meadow  Farm by the lovely Jane, which is not part of Open Farm Sunday but something we have been talking about for some time and are very much looking forward to, so we will not miss out on farmyard fun altogether this weekend!

farm sunday 3


22 thoughts on “Farm Sunday

  1. Like you I’m afraid I can’t decide. In some ways I want to say yes just so you can see the farms and possibly ask questions about relationships with the supermarkets, do they do things differently because they are supplying supermarkets etc. but then I also want to say No because I would like you not to worry about going and it being against your principles. Sorry I’m no help at all with this dilemma.

  2. I think you should go, the Farmers are held to ransom( I would think) by the Supermarkets and need all the support that they can get from individuals buying directly from them, you could go maybe as “reporters” and get a real “story” from talking to the Farmers and highlighting any problems that they face from the Supermarkets, that way we get a clearer idea of what is really happening down on the farm.

  3. I’ve sat and thought about this and I think you should park the supermarket connection and go along to show your support for the farmers. Especially if you can buy produce directly from them; that has to be a real positive. Don’t over think it – go for it 😄!

    • Goats milk…………. AMAZING! The farm we went to is brilliant and open for visitors – they even said I could milk a goat! Fancy going one weekend?

  4. Yep, I think you should go for it, it may not be the farmers who are at fault as another poster said, & if it is you can say why their system isn’t good and what is better. At the very least you’d make them think!

  5. I have been enjoying your blog for a few months now, i’m pleased to say you have made me think differently about how i shop. Although i do still use the supermarkets i’m branching out to find different sources for fresh produce and am very much looking forward to open farm sunday at west craigie farm in south queensferry tomorrow! Thank you for inspiring me x

    • Hiya, Thank you so much for reading our ramblings 🙂 We hope you had a great day at the farm, so please you are feeling inspired this is really lovely to know 🙂 lots of love xxx

  6. It’s a shame the supermarkets are using it as a way of showing how ‘connected’ they are with their producers, but I don’t think you should let it stop you supporting your local farmers. We don’t expect you to stop watching TV because the supermarkets advertise and sponsor some of the programmes on it!

    Have fun!

    • This comment really helped us – you are so right! We went to farms that don’t supply to supermarkets so feel we did the right think xx

  7. Many farmers need the supermarkets, and supermarkets need to be reminded that people are on the side of the farmers and want them to be given a fair price for their produce.
    Go for it and have a lovely day.

  8. Interestingly, when I was doing my MSc we spoke to some farmers about their relationship with supermarkets…they were genuinely happy with how they were treated by Waitrose and there was a lot of anger toward Tesco! I wonder if that’s still the case as Waitrose are more competitive these days and they must have shaved costs somewhere…

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